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Prestige Dance Reviews/Testimonials

We joined Prestige 4 years ago, when two of our children expressed an interest in dance. Four years later we are still at Prestige and now our third child is dancing too. We initially chose Prestige based on its close proximity to our house, but we have stayed for so much more than convenience. We enjoy the variety of classes offered and good scheduling of class times. We appreciate the on-going communication from Miss Amanda throughout the year regarding breaks in the schedule, costume ordering, recital information, exams and special offer classes. Our children have met and learned from almost all of Prestige's Dance Instructors either through summer dance camps or weekly classes. The Dance Instructors all have positive attitudes, well planned classes and foster a love of dance in their students. We see growth and development in our children which we believe is due to well trained instructors who follow syllabus related to each discipline, allowing for development and progress from all students. We enjoy the recital in June where it is evident just how much time and effort both the instructors and students have put forth throughout the year. We have been very happy at Prestige and look forward to dance classes each week!

Michelle & Family

Seven years ago we went in search of a friendly and warm dance studio that was close to home for our then seven year old daughter. We found ourselves at Prestige Dance Academy and exploring an extracurricular activity that my husband and I knew very little about. We then enrolled our second daughter at the very young age of 3 and I knew very quickly that we had really found a special place. I recall vividly a day when our daughter was attending her preschool dance class and Miss Amanda was dealing with the girls partnering up for an activity and she said “Come on girls, we are all friends in dance class”. At that moment I knew this was a place that fostered a love for yourself, each other and dance.
We have now been a part of the Prestige Dance Academy family for seven years and feel the same way today as we did seven years ago. Both our daughters are involved in the Prestige Intensive Dance Program and we feel very fortunate to have this program in our lives. The Prestige Dance Academy Intensive Program has enriched our lives in more ways than we can count. The dance education is first and foremost extremely enriching through the leadership of the very talented Miss Lisette and their passionate team of talented teachers. Their continuous push for strong technical training is so rewarding for our girls and us the parents as we watch them grow as dancers. The life lessons on commitment, hard work, and sacrifice have been so incredibly valuable to our daughters.
Our girls have had many great opportunities while being a part of the Intensive program. Our eldest daughter has loved her time as part of the STEP team and this commitment brings her much joy and fulfillment. Additionally we are thankful for the opportunity they have each had to leverage their strengths to pursue their dance passions. However the most rewarding part has been the connection made by both of our girls to wonderful children within the program. The friendships gained have been an absolute highlight in our lives. The community of both parents and children is one of absolute support and kindness. We are thankful for the great community that is fostered by Miss Amanda and Miss Lisette and that is lived by the families of the Prestige Intensive Program.

Stacie Stephenson & Family

It is the entire experience that our family has loved from their wee ones classes when our kids were first starting out, to their extensive recreational and intensive programs. In 14 years Prestige has developed their programs to suit their clients. They are not afraid to change to adapt to the ever changing needs of the students and bottom line... they care about our kids.


Calgary, AB

Our family feels very fortunate that we chose Prestige Dance Academy. As a teacher and former dancer I had high hopes that my two daughters’ early beginnings in dance would be both positive and rewarding. Over the past seven years our daughters, now 11 and 12 years old, have had the opportunity to train recreationally and competitively with the studio’s knowledgable teaching staff. During that time we went from visiting the studio once a week for pre-school classes to often dancing every day of the week, preparing for dance exams, learning choreography for the Intensive Program and participating in competitions and conventions throughout the dance season.

People often ask me how our family has time for such a commitment. The answer is simple…my daughters love it! Over the years they have been given strong technical training, nurtured by staff who take the time to know and care for them. They have developed competencies and confidence in themselves that go beyond being accomplished dancers and physically fit pre-teens. They have learned the meaning of hard work, commitment, dedication and sacrifice through goal-setting and working towards achieving their goals. Reaching these milestones has taught them direction, purpose and self-esteem which are qualities that will last a lifetime.

Possibly the very best gift we have been given by choosing to have our daughters attend Prestige and train in the Intensive Competitive Program is the development of community and being part of a team. The atmosphere is warm and inclusive where students and parents alike are made to feel like part of the family. Miss Amanda, Miss Lisette and their staff have always been willing to work with us. We have very much appreciated their open communication and honesty. The trusting relationships we have developed are invaluable and form the foundation of what makes Prestige a great place to be!

The Benard Family

Calgary, AB

When my daughter was 3 I registered her in her very first dance class at Prestige. It was a recreational combo class with Miss Amanda and that’s when she fell in love with dance. Little did I know then what would transpire over the next 10 years. When she was 6 she was invited to join the intensive program lead by Miss Lisette. Over the years I have watched her grow as a dancer and as a person because of this program. The lessons she has learned about dedication, hard work and most importantly friendship will last a lifetime. I am thankful she has teachers who always have her best interest at heart and set a very high standard for her to follow. The community that we are a part of is and full of parents who would step in and help anytime and I am happy to call my friends. Thank you Prestige for giving us the privilege to be part of something so special and that continues to grow and get better every year.

Sheree and Cydney Jackson

Calgary, AB

If you are looking for an activity for your child that promotes social development and allows them to make bonding friendships; builds good posture and grace; teaches them to focus and have discipline; promotes self-esteem and helps them learn an art form in a positive and safe environment, then Prestige Dance Academy is for you!

Miss Amanda and her amazing team of dance teachers have always promoted a dance studio where positive attitudes and good sportsmanship are paramount. This philosophy has created a very strong “Prestige Dance Family Environment” that has been a blessing on so many levels!
Moms who kindly help with hair or make-up, Moms who freely offer their hugs, support and words of encouragement. Just thinking of these Moms, fill my heart with such joy and appreciation!

Only two of our four children dance so most times we just drop off our “dance daughters” at the studio doors as we rushed our other children to their activities. Many, many times over the years our daughters have come home from dance on “cloud 9” because another parent had engaged them in conversations that made them feel good about themselves. These parents have no idea how their words of kindness had such a strong impact and came at a time in our daughters’ lives when it made a world of difference!

There are several positive aspects that we could write about but another area that we have found especially unique about Prestige Dance Academy is their STEP program. It is a program where older dancers volunteer to work in the classroom along side the Prestige Dance staff, learning leadership and mentoring qualities. Our oldest daughter Keeley, has been with Prestige practically since its inception, and as she grew she admired the personal support and encouragement she received from her teachers. For this reason, she applied and was accepted into the STEP program. In Keeley’s words, “Being in the STEP program has allowed me to share my skills and talents, has taught me to have a strong sense of self and built my self-esteem, shown me the significance of making and keeping commitments, I learned to be a better listener and communicator, and it has taught me the importance of leading by example by realizing the impact a person in a mentorship role has on those that are looking up to them.” The program taught her that by fostering success in others, you foster that in yourself. The STEP program offered Keeley learning and mentoring opportunities that she was not able to get elsewhere, and is a strong part of the reason why she has chosen to pursue post-secondary education studies to become an elementary school teacher. Her experience in the STEP program reinforced her career direction, and for our family this has been an invaluable opportunity afforded to us by Prestige Dance Academy for which we will be forever grateful!

The Gillespie Family

Calgary, AB

My name is Melaney Laratta and my dancer is Laila. We have been a part of the “Prestige Family”, almost, from the very beginning and I am very pleased to have been asked by Miss Amanda to re-new our testimonial for Prestige Dance Academy. In a previous one, I spoke about the positive progress my very young daughter had made with her introduction to the art, exercise and discipline of dance. At the time, she was excited to try any and all forms of dance and for “Mommy” it was all about giggling while watching my tentative, two year old in her too tight tutu toddling across the stage! Suddenly, here we are, ten years later and my adorable “tiny dancer” has grown into a confident, motivated, strong person who does everything else in her life ~well~ so that she can dance as much as possible. As a parent, this is the ultimate goal: to help your children find their passion and for it to fit in with the rest of their lives to compliment their overall development into fit, productive, respectful and responsible human beings. How does that happen? The answer is very simple and it is that you find a gem like Prestige Dance Academy.

Prestige is a relatively small studio but it shines “bright like a diamond” in my eyes. The source of light is many fold: the philosophy, the ownership and faculty, the opportunities and challenges and, of course, the dancers themselves. My daughter is now thirteen years old. She continues to grow and to learn with the love and support of her family, friends and Prestige Dance Academy.

Melaney Laratta

Calgary, AB

We are so grateful to have been involved with Prestige Dance Academy over the past 6 years. Our daughter has now gone away to University, but she will take a part of her experiences at Prestige with her wherever she goes for the rest of her life. From the first day, Amanda took extraordinary time and effort to provide a dance experience that suited our daughter’s dance desires and skill level.

Amanda respected her other commitments, treating her as an important part of the Prestige community even though she did not participate in the intensive program.

Amanda has created a caring, respectful and safe environment and my daughter never left her studio without a huge smile. She found genuine fulfillment at Prestige

Whether dancing, student teaching or doing homework between classes, our daughter loved the support and encouragement she received from Prestige staff and fellow students.

Our daughter has grown from a self-conscious teenager to a poised, confident young woman and Prestige Dance Academy has played a large role in that transition.

Sincere thanks to Amanda and all of the Prestige staff.

Shelley and Jim Keough

Calgary, AB

I walked into Prestige Dance Academy seven years ago with my two year old daughter. I was immediately impressed when I was greeted by the owner of the studio, Amanda Hunsley. Miss Amanda took the time to show us around the dance facility and explained her educational philosophy to us. She also was very engaging with our daughter, who immediately took to her. We were impressed with the clean and spacious studios, but especially with her commitment to small class sizes.

Over the years, our daughter has been exposed to a variety of classes and has had the pleasure of working with a team of gifted dance teachers and choreographers. The beautiful recitals at the end of the year are evidence of the hard work invested into each class. Every staff member at Prestige takes the time to get to know the dancers and their families. They have always made us feel welcome.

Recently, our daughter has been doing Intensive Dances and we have been extremely impressed with the vision the Prestige faculty has for their dancers. They always impress the importance of hard work, dedication and commitment to the dancers. The team takes the time to meet with parents to ensure we are all cohesive in our hopes of emphasizing camaraderie and respect for all dancers, even from other studios. They not only teach the students the importance of being professional in their work, but they model it, as well. We feel fortunate to have such amazing role models impacting our daughter.

We currently have three children registered at Prestige Dance Academy. The classes we attend range from Tap, Jazz and Ballet to Hip Hop and even a Mommy and Me class. These are only a few of the exciting programs offered at the studio. Not surprisingly, the studio space and enrolment is quickly expanding, however, we all feel like part of a family at Prestige Dance Academy and it is always fun to meet new parents.

The outstanding dance techniques are only a small part of what our daughter has taken away from her time at the studio. We have been very fortunate to be a part of this environment and look forward to many years to come. If you are looking for a fun, stimulating and rewarding dance experience for your child, you don’t need to look any farther.

The Hassen Family

Calgary, AB

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