Pre-Intensive dance program (Ages 4-6)

The teachers at Prestige are excited to introduce this very special program to you and your child!

Our Pre-Intensive Program aims to introduce young, aspiring dancers to the exciting world of dance competition while learning about camaraderie, commitment, and the understanding that if you go out and give it your best you will always succeed.

While the requirements and commitments of the Pre-Intensive Program are slightly less than the Intensive Program, we aim to provide our Pre-Intensive dancers with the same positive experiences and opportunities to grow.

To join our Pre-Intensive Program, dancers must attend group auditions or receive an invite from their teacher. This program is available for ages 4-6 years.

Pre-Intensive dancers are required to take one Pre-Intensive Tap/Jazz combo class and one Ballet class per week. We highly encourage our Pre-Intensive dancers to train in Acro dance as well.



From September-November, the Tap/Jazz combo class will train in the classroom learning new skills and steps in preparation for the year.

Come November, the teacher will spend 15 minutes per class teaching their Pre-Intensive choreography.

  • In March, Pre-Intensive dancers will have 1 required dress rehearsal.
  • Pre-Intensive dancers attend 2 required, local competitions where they compete their 1 group routine in April and May.
  • Pre-Intensive dancers will also perform their competitive group dance in the year end recital in June.
  • Acceptance fees, entry fees, rehearsal fees for competitions and fees for costumes are in addition to the monthly fees.

If you have any questions at all regarding our Pre-Intensive Program we would be more than happy to answer them!

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