Recreational dance programs


Hip Hop (Age 6 and up)

Hip Hop is a fun, energetic and very popular mix of funk and street dance.

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Lyrical (Age 8 and up)

A very expressive movement type of class with a focus on core strength and turn out.

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Contemporary (Age 10 and up)

An interpretive style of dance that does not have rigid movements, instead it is a search for new forms and dynamics.

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Open Mix (Jazz/Lyrical/Modern) (Age 10 and up)

This program introduces a variety of dance disciplines including Lyrical, Jazz and Modern in one class.

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Class Format

Our programs run from September to June and we follow the ADAPT Syllabus in Tap and Jazz, The Royal Academy Of Dance Syllabus for Ballet and the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus for Acro.

All 10 month classes perform in year end show.