We just completed our 4th year at Prestige Dance Academy, after switching from another studio…

When making our decision to switch, Prestige stood out compared to the rest. Amanda, Lisette and all the members of their staff have been amazing. It is apparent very early that their intentions are to do what is best for the dancers and it shows in the bonds they make with all the dancers. We initially had 2 dancers, however, one of children decided she didn’t want to dance. The studio was very supportive and put our child’s needs first, they never tried to persuade our child or us and only cared that she was happy. The culture they have created is truly unique. It is evident when you are at the studio to pick up a kid and you see the interaction between students and teachers during the change over. We joined when we they were opening their second studio (South) and have since added the ITC. The addition of the two studios along with the continued training/certification for their staff, shows their commitment of reinvesting back into their own community. They not only invest in themselves, but they actively participate in the community and give back, teaching young kids the value of being part of the community and engaging with all people, a valuable life lessons for kids to have.

From the very start the quality of instruction and the way the studio carries itself is nothing short of professional. During competitions all dancers are expected to act and carry themselves responsibly and be role models for everyone. When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, they like everyone else had to adapt. They continually had to adjust as the rules and guidelines changed often. During this time they would communicate with all families providing as much clarity as possible. They created online content for dancers to follow and remain engaged. More importantly they had Zoom calls, where kids of similar classes got to engage and check in with their teachers and peers. These calls were not purely about dance, but were was much about connecting with the kids and seeing how they were doing. Seeing our daughter before and after these calls, it was apparent the connection/bond between the dancers and teachers, and she was excited that multiple teachers were on each call.

Looking back the last 4 years, and with everything that is going on in the world currently, our move to Prestige is one we don’t regret. In addition to the quality of dance our daughter receives, we are equally satisfied with the life skills that our daughter is learning as well. As a parent you feel good when you see how excited your child gets every time they are dropped off to do something. We think that is a direct reflection of what Prestige Dance Academy and the work they put in.

– Grant and Carly Farion