My name is Melaney Laratta and my dancer is Laila. We have been a part of the “Prestige Family”, almost, from the very beginning and I am very pleased to have been asked by Miss Amanda to re-new our testimonial for Prestige Dance Academy. In a previous one, I spoke about the positive progress my very young daughter had made with her introduction to the art, exercise and discipline of dance. At the time, she was excited to try any and all forms of dance and for “Mommy” it was all about giggling while watching my tentative, two year old in her too tight tutu toddling across the stage! Suddenly, here we are, ten years later and my adorable “tiny dancer” has grown into a confident, motivated, strong person who does everything else in her life ~well~ so that she can dance as much as possible. As a parent, this is the ultimate goal: to help your children find their passion and for it to fit in with the rest of their lives to compliment their overall development into fit, productive, respectful and responsible human beings. How does that happen? The answer is very simple and it is that you find a gem like Prestige Dance Academy.

Prestige is a relatively small studio but it shines “bright like a diamond” in my eyes. The source of light is many fold: the philosophy, the ownership and faculty, the opportunities and challenges and, of course, the dancers themselves. My daughter is now thirteen years old. She continues to grow and to learn with the love and support of her family, friends and Prestige Dance Academy.