When my daughter was 3 I registered her in her very first dance class at Prestige. It was a recreational combo class with Miss Amanda and that’s when she fell in love with dance. Little did I know then what would transpire over the next 10 years. When she was 6 she was invited to join the intensive program lead by Miss Lisette. Over the years I have watched her grow as a dancer and as a person because of this program. The lessons she has learned about dedication, hard work and most importantly friendship will last a lifetime. I am thankful she has teachers who always have her best interest at heart and set a very high standard for her to follow. The community that we are a part of is and full of parents who would step in and help anytime and I am happy to call my friends. Thank you Prestige for giving us the privilege to be part of something so special and that continues to grow and get better every year.