Seven years ago we went in search of a friendly and warm dance studio that was close to home for our then seven year old daughter. We found ourselves at Prestige Dance Academy and exploring an extracurricular activity that my husband and I knew very little about. We then enrolled our second daughter at the very young age of 3 and I knew very quickly that we had really found a special place. I recall vividly a day when our daughter was attending her preschool dance class and Miss Amanda was dealing with the girls partnering up for an activity and she said “Come on girls, we are all friends in dance class”. At that moment I knew this was a place that fostered a love for yourself, each other and dance.

We have now been a part of the Prestige Dance Academy family for seven years and feel the same way today as we did seven years ago. Both our daughters are involved in the Prestige Intensive Dance Program and we feel very fortunate to have this program in our lives. The Prestige Dance Academy Intensive Program has enriched our lives in more ways than we can count. The dance education is first and foremost extremely enriching through the leadership of the very talented Miss Lisette and their passionate team of talented teachers. Their continuous push for strong technical training is so rewarding for our girls and us the parents as we watch them grow as dancers. The life lessons on commitment, hard work, and sacrifice have been so incredibly valuable to our daughters.

Our girls have had many great opportunities while being a part of the Intensive program. Our eldest daughter has loved her time as part of the STEP team and this commitment brings her much joy and fulfillment. Additionally we are thankful for the opportunity they have each had to leverage their strengths to pursue their dance passions. However the most rewarding part has been the connection made by both of our girls to wonderful children within the program. The friendships gained have been an absolute highlight in our lives. The community of both parents and children is one of absolute support and kindness. We are thankful for the great community that is fostered by Miss Amanda and Miss Lisette and that is lived by the families of the Prestige Intensive Program.