Our family has been part of the Prestige Dance family for over 12 years now. The relationship we have fostered with Miss Amanda, Miss Lisette and all of the teachers and staff at Prestige is extremely special to us and transcends dance. Our connection and history is what is most important to us now and what we see as the real gift from Prestige Dance Academy. The dance training and choreography speaks for itself – professional, high quality, creative, it’s the relationships that mean the most. We as a family have had the extreme pleasure to become special friends with many of the dancers and their families and the genuine care, trust and love that these families have for the dancers is so special. I know Prestige Dance Academy has taught our girls many things; hard work, commitment, driving for excellence, perseverance, sportsmanship but the real gifts to our girls have been the relationships they have formed and fostered.
We have seen Prestige Dance Academy evolve and change over the 12 years and they continue to strive to meet the needs of their dancers as was demonstrated through the swift and efficient launch of their new Virtual Dance Program. Prestige Dance Academy is uniquely set up with a very talented and committed group of teachers and staff that can adapt and implement programs that deliver on the needs of their dancers.