If you are looking for an activity for your child that promotes social development and allows them to make bonding friendships; builds good posture and grace; teaches them to focus and have discipline; promotes self-esteem and helps them learn an art form in a positive and safe environment, then Prestige Dance Academy is for you!

Miss Amanda and her amazing team of dance teachers have always promoted a dance studio where positive attitudes and good sportsmanship are paramount. This philosophy has created a very strong “Prestige Dance Family Environment” that has been a blessing on so many levels!
Moms who kindly help with hair or make-up, Moms who freely offer their hugs, support and words of encouragement. Just thinking of these Moms, fill my heart with such joy and appreciation!

Only two of our four children dance so most times we just drop off our “dance daughters” at the studio doors as we rushed our other children to their activities. Many, many times over the years our daughters have come home from dance on “cloud 9” because another parent had engaged them in conversations that made them feel good about themselves. These parents have no idea how their words of kindness had such a strong impact and came at a time in our daughters’ lives when it made a world of difference!

There are several positive aspects that we could write about but another area that we have found especially unique about Prestige Dance Academy is their STEP program. It is a program where older dancers volunteer to work in the classroom along side the Prestige Dance staff, learning leadership and mentoring qualities. Our oldest daughter Keeley, has been with Prestige practically since its inception, and as she grew she admired the personal support and encouragement she received from her teachers. For this reason, she applied and was accepted into the STEP program. In Keeley’s words, “Being in the STEP program has allowed me to share my skills and talents, has taught me to have a strong sense of self and built my self-esteem, shown me the significance of making and keeping commitments, I learned to be a better listener and communicator, and it has taught me the importance of leading by example by realizing the impact a person in a mentorship role has on those that are looking up to them.” The program taught her that by fostering success in others, you foster that in yourself. The STEP program offered Keeley learning and mentoring opportunities that she was not able to get elsewhere, and is a strong part of the reason why she has chosen to pursue post-secondary education studies to become an elementary school teacher. Her experience in the STEP program reinforced her career direction, and for our family this has been an invaluable opportunity afforded to us by Prestige Dance Academy for which we will be forever grateful!