Full-Time Intensive (Competitive) Program (Ages 5+)

Prestige Dance Academy’s Full Time Intensive (Competitive) Program is designed for dancers who are passionate about dance.

Dancers train many hours a week and participate in 3-6 competitions a year.

Intensive Dancers take part in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Acro exams each year to help develop and maintain a strong technical foundation.

Other Disciplines of training include Stretch and Strength, Lift class, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Hip Hop.

Competitive dancers are offered many opportunities to travel with their team including places such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, New York and more!

Our Intensive Program prides itself on teamwork, discipline and a strong sense of commitment and ambition. We have an incredible team of amazing, educated, talented, certified teachers and choreographers that work closely with our phenomenal dancers and supportive Parents.

Every year the Intensive Dancers give back by donating proceeds to the Children’s Hospital as well as holding a private performance for the kids. This is very much the highlight of the Intensive year.

This program prides itself in training wonderful dancers and even better people.


Please see the requirements of the Full Time Intensive Program below:

  • In-studio Jazz, Tap, Acro & Ballet examinations – if applicable/ recommended
  • Must be training in each style of dance you are competing in
  • Minimum of 2 Ballet class a week for ages 8+
  • Acceptance fee, entry fees, rehearsal fees for competitions and fees for costumes are in addition to the monthly training fees
  • 3 required competitions in April & May – at least one travel competition in Calgary surrounding area
  • Stage rehearsal & dress rehearsals in March/April
  • Intensive showcase in June
  • Dancers will have an opportunity to do a Solo, Duet, Trio, Small group, Medium group, Large group or Line at the teachers discretion

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