3 Physical and mental health benefits of ballet training

Benefits of Ballet Training
Benefits of Ballet Training

Ballet is a beautiful performance dance that is centuries old. In fact, it originated in the 15th century during the Italian Renaissance era. Today, classical ballet continues along with modern variations and fusions. In any form, ballet is a highly technical dance form with precise and fluid movements. Students who take our ballet training at Prestige experience the following physical and mental health benefits.

The physical benefits of ballet dance training in Calgary

  1. It makes you strong – Although ballet dance looks graceful and beautiful onstage, it takes a lot of training to execute! Ballet dancers are on their feet, holding poses, and practicing movements over and over again. Naturally, this repetition and resistance lead to an increase in muscular strength in all areas of the body – especially the core muscles.
  2. Increased flexibility and mobility – As part of ballet dance training, dancers must perform dynamic stretches to warm their bodies up and static stretches to wind down. Over time, you’ll find that your flexibility and range of motion are improved. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that you can suddenly touch your toes and get into a deeper split after ballet training!
  3. Improved endurance – A common misconception about ballet is that, because the movements are relatively slower than that of jazz, it doesn’t take as much cardiovascular endurance but that is simply not true. When you see professional ballet dancers gracefully leaping, pointing their toes, and raising their arms in fluid movements, there is a lot of muscle work going on. However, dancers are continuously using their core and it takes incredible strength and control to hold poses.

The mental benefits of ballet dance training Calgary

  1. It keeps your mind sharp – There is a ton of research about the mental benefits of dance training in general. Dance has been reported to increase cognitive function, improve memory, and increase focus. This is because your left and right brain is working together to learn moves in a creative environment.
  2. Reduces stress – Dance is known to be a great stress reliever. In ballet dance training, because students are in the moment and present, they are focused on the training itself and can momentarily forget about other responsibilities and pressures. At Prestige, we pride ourselves on creating a safe environment where students can come to learn, make new friends, and build on their dance skills.
  3. Improves mood – Any form of physical exercise releases feel-good endorphins, including ballet dance training! With the combination of music and dance, your mood is instantly lifted. Over time, as you build your ballet skills in class, you also build confidence that you can learn, execute, and perform!