Tap/Jazz combo classes

Ages: 6-9

About the class

Our Tap & Jazz combo classes are an extension of our 5 year combo classes. They are fun and focused on the technical tap and jazz training.

Getting Started

These classes are generally structured to cover half tap and half jazz dance in an hour long class. These classes vary based on the level of the ADAPT syllabus they are covering.

We strongly encourage all of our teachers teaching the ADAPT syllabus to work towards completing their Teacher Training through the ADAPT syllabus. Not only do we encourage our teachers to complete their syllabus certification but also actively pursue outside teachers for workshops to learn from, as well as any additional training opportunities outside the studio.

Class Length

All of our jazz and tap combo dance classes are generally structured to cover half tap and half jazz dance in an hour long class, once a week, from September to June where our dancers will participate in the year end recital.

For the first half of the year, our combo classes will focus on the technical jazz and tap dance training.

Recital & Costume Info

Once January comes, we will begin our year end recital dance to be performed in June. In the winter, our recital costumes will be ordered and they will be received mid spring.

The year end recital is always a highlight of the year when the dancers growth and improvement is showcased on stage in such a special setting!

Tap & Jazz Exams

We are thrilled to offer our jazz and tap dancers the opportunity to complete their ADAPT Dance Exams if they should choose. Jazz and tap exam candidates are selected by the teacher however, they are not mandatory.

We believe exams are a very positive learning experience for dancers. Dance Exams allow dancers to set the goal of achieving a certain level on a timeline. Our examination dates are generally set in September and the dancers have all year to work towards a certain level of the syllabus. On this examination date, we invite certified examiners to the studio to put our exam students through an exam class where they the students will be given a grade.

Following the exam, the students will receive a grading, and feedback on their ability and performance in this exam. Dancers find the exam process extremely rewarding and feel a lot of pride following the exam!

Dress Code

The dress code for a jazz and tap combo class for females is black bodysuit, pink tights, black tap shoes and black leather jazz shoes. If the dancers would like to wear black shorts over their bodysuit they are welcome to do so. For males, in our jazz and tap combo classes the dress code includes a white t shirt, black pants/shorts, black jazz shoes and black tap shoes.

We ask that any dancers attending a jazz and tap combo dance class wear their hair in a ponytail or a bun in order to keep off their face.

" It was amazing seeing your work during the competition season again this year! Over the last few years I've watched the dancers grow, and I'm so impressed with how far they have come! It's clear that technical excellence, innovative programming, and a focus on nurturing the artist within is your priority, and the results speak volumes! "

Mandy Yip- Founder & CEO Acrobatic Arts Inc.

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