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Goal Setting

At Prestige Dance Academy, class is about the growth and passion of the incredible people who step through our doors, and that extends far beyond their dance abilities. With this intention, teaching goal... read more

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Noticing November

Now that it’s November, we are all firmly rooted in our schedules and starting to see the results of all our hard work coming together. Sometimes, once we get into these grooves, it’s... read more

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Leaping Back to Class

Welcome back, Prestige families! Taking a break to rest and grow is an important part of any athlete and artist’s repertoire, but leaping back into the studio for another exciting dance season puts... read more

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Practice Makes Progress

We’re all familiar with the joyful internal glow that comes with easily answering a question or solving a problem. Of just knowing. You know the answer because you’ve seen the question so many different... read more


There is magic in a breath on stage. Maybe you've seen this—a dancer goes through a multitude of incredible feats of skill and strength and stamina and then they stop, they look at... read more

Thankful to Learn

October is a time that Canadians reflect on many emotions and subjects—fear, thankfulness, and truth and reconciliation. With all of these topics swirling around in our hearts and our heads, one thing is... read more