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Is there an ideal age to start a child in ballet lessons?

Did you know that Prestige offers ballet lessons for children starting at age 4? That’s right, you can start your child early on with RAD-certified ballet classes in NW Calgary.…

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Perspective is Everything.

Dance comes with challenges. It’s part of what makes it so fun. We challenge ourselves physically, mentally, and creatively—and it can be hard. Sometimes we’ll be working on our pirouettes, and we’ll…

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We Are New (Happy New Year)

This new year, we are already new. This past year has been unique, eye opening, and full of new obstacles. It has made us feel like our lives have been stripped…

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What Is Jazz Dance?

At Prestige, we offer a wide variety of classes for all ages, but tap, jazz, and ballet are core classes. You will notice a similar trend when you look at…

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4 things to know before joining your first dance class

If you’re preparing to take your first dance class in Calgary, it’s normal to feel nervous, hesitant, and even a little fearful.  At Prestige Dance Academy, we strive to create…

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We Won’t Give Up

Yes, this is hard. There’s nothing we want more than to have rooms full of hugs and smiles, but we know the only way to make it back to that is…

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The benefits of dance classes for children

While many parents enrol their children in dance classes for the fun, high-energy activity it provides, the benefits of dance classes reach far beyond the physical aspect. We help set your…

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Choosing A Dance Studio

You’ve decided to learn to dance—congratulations! You’re excited to have a creative outlet, to join a community, and to increase your strength, flexibility, and musical awareness. But now that you’ve…

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A Well-Rounded Dance Education

Dance calls for balance, and this is why dancers are known for their adaptability. They need to be strong yet flexible. Sharp and smooth. Emotional and critical. At Prestige, we…

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What to expect in your first Jazz class!

Jazz is an upbeat and technical form of dance that balances choreographic creativity with technical strength. Our jazz dance classes are energetic and focus on musical and body awareness. Our…

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