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Wrapping up a Season

Wrapping up a Season Each dance season is truly a gift to us, and all that’s left of this season is to wrap it up. After diligently practicing and honing their skills for... read more

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Costumes, Photos, and Recitals, Oh My!

Costumes, Photos, and Recitals, Oh My!   Despite how interminable the snow seems to be, it always feels like the dance season is over in the blink of an eye. And of course,... read more

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It’s priority registration time!

It’s priority registration time! While dancers are in the busiest part of their dance season—preparing for recitals or exams or competitions—parents are witnessing their dancers’ amazing growth and imagining what the next season... read more

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Summer Camps 2024

We know these ups and downs in the weather have you planning your summer fun, so we are too! Dancers don’t want to stop dancing just because there’s a vacation, so every year... read more

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Goal Setting

At Prestige Dance Academy, class is about the growth and passion of the incredible people who step through our doors, and that extends far beyond their dance abilities. With this intention, teaching goal... read more

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Noticing November

Now that it’s November, we are all firmly rooted in our schedules and starting to see the results of all our hard work coming together. Sometimes, once we get into these grooves, it’s... read more