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Pursuit of Passion Scholarship Program

Prestige Dance Academy has proudly given over $30,000 in Pursuit of Passion Scholarship funds to deserving dancers of all ages. These families and individuals deserve to dance, and we are making their dreams... read more

Average number of students in dance class
Why class size is important for a dance class

Did you know that at Prestige, we limit our junior programs to 12 students per class? We believe when children receive more personalized attention in a smaller class, their chances of success in... read more

Benefits of Acro Dancing
5 Incredible benefits of Acro dance

Acro dance is a combination of classical dance techniques with precision acrobatics and artistic gymnastics. At Prestige, our acro dance classes focus on conditioning and stretching for flexibility and strength training in a... read more

Facts about tap dancing
3 Interesting Facts About Tap Dancing

Did you know that tap dancing is a blend of different dance styles from Irish, British, Scottish, and African roots? Over the decades, styles of tap dancing evolved to create today’s fun, energetic,... read more

Benefits of Ballet Training
3 Physical and mental health benefits of ballet training

Ballet is a beautiful performance dance that is centuries old. In fact, it originated in the 15th century during the Italian Renaissance era. Today, classical ballet continues along with modern variations and fusions.... read more

Ballet classes calgary in NW
Is there an ideal age to start a child in ballet lessons?

Did you know that Prestige offers ballet lessons for children starting at age 2? That’s right, you can start your child early on with recreational ballet classes in SW and SE Calgary. Our... read more