Dance exams

Prestige offers exams in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Acro.

At Prestige Dance Academy, we are invested in comprehensive dance training for our students, we are proud to offer a wide variety of programming for dancers of all ages and technical abilities. In addition to our performance and competitive programming we also offer the option for our dancers to participate in annual dance exams. Dance exams are an excellent way for dancers to work towards a goal by studying a standard syllabus that is developed with age and development appropriate building blocks for the students. Dance exams are fun, challenging, and hold students accountable in their training. We encourage our students to participate in dance exams because they encourage dedication and promote students to find their passion of dance through hard work, discipline, and goal setting. Dance exams are offered to both performance and intensive program students through invitation. If dance exams are something your child would like to pursue, we want hear from you and work towards these goals together!

Dance exams are performed by an outside examiner associated with the dance syllabi the dancer is training in. At Prestige Dance Academy our students train in and examined through the ADAPT tap and jazz syllabus, RAD ballet syllabus and the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. We offer all levels of the ADAPT, RAD and Acrobatic Arts exams to both our performance and intensive families. Continue reading to learn more about the exam syllabi we offer here at Prestige Dance Academy.

ADAPT Tap and Jazz Exams

The Associate Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) is an internationally recognized dance syllabus founded by the highly esteemed Canadian couple Brian and Faye Foley. The ADAPT syllabus progresses students with a developmentally appropriate program that develops strong technical skills and artistic expression. Students can begin following the syllabus at the age of six and can continue to follow the program until high school graduation. The ADAPT syllabus regularly updates its standards and trains new and already certified teachers to follow the curriculum.

RAD Ballet Exams

The RAD ballet syllabi offers a dance curriculum that provides broad and appropriate dance education to students, teaching them strong technical skills, music knowledge and performance skills. RAD exams are internationally renowned and recognized. RAD offers three programs that include the: “Dance to Your Own Tune” curriculum for students aged 2.5-5 years old, a “Graded Syllabus” for students ages 5 and up, and “Vocational Graded Examinations” for experienced dancers ages 11 and up.

Acrobatic Arts Exams

The Acrobatic Arts program is an Acro Dance program that promotes safe and effective acrobatic progressions for dance students. The Acrobatic Arts program helps students develop their flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling, through a program that promotes safe and effective training. The Acrobatic Arts method will improve student’s endurance, strength, proprioception and agility training.

" Possibly the very best gift we have been given by choosing to have our daughters attend Prestige and train in the Intensive Competitive Program is the development of community and being part of a team. "

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