Dance Programs

At Prestige Dance Academy we offer a wide variety of dance programs, suited for all needs and capabilities. We are passionate about delivering industry leading training and developmentally appropriate programming for children of all ages.

Our programs are thoughtfully designed by our experienced faculty and include fun and engaging lessons for students of all ages and levels. All of our dance Foundation and Performance programs run from September to June and include a year-end performance. Our sessional classes are completed in 4-week, 8-week blocks and do not include a performance. The 12-week or 6 month sessional classes have the option to perform.

Learn more about our dance programs below…

Foundation Programs

Our foundation programs offer technical dance foundations for dancers interested in pursuing performance opportunities such as competition and/or dance exams. These classes offer developmentally appropriate building blocks and syllabi to develop student’s technique. Our foundation classes are delivered by highly accredited and experienced staff who make the classes fun, engaging and challenging for the students. We offer foundation classes for children ages three and up in a variety of genres including: ballet, tap, jazz, and acro.

Performance Programs

Our performance programs are for students who want to learn to dance and stay active. Our performance classes are suited for students who love to move, have fun and socialize but can only commit to an hour or two of training each week. Students do not need previous dance experience to enroll in our performance programming and can begin taking classes at any age. The performance program will teach students movement fundamentals and basic technique through fun, age-appropriate activities.

Sessional Programs

Our sessional program offers day and evening classes in 4-week or 8-week blocks for young students who love to move! Our sessional classes are high energy and combine a variety of dance styles such as ballet, acro, jazz, tap, and hip hop foundations, in upbeat theme based classes. Sessional classes are an excellent way for student to get comfortable in the studio, meet new friends, and develop their love for dance.

Intensive Programs

Our intensive program is an innovative program for our dance community; this program is available to dancers who are interested in taking the next step in their dance training and developing their artistry. This program is suitable for highly dedicated dancers who are passionate about growing technically and artistically. The Intensive program will introduce new dance methods, challenging them out of their comfort zone and helping grow as artists. The ITC program is open to all dancers who wish to audition for the program.