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About our sessional classes

Our sessional classes are very upbeat and fast paced classes that incorporate ballet foundation, acro foundation, rhythm, coordination, movement and imagination based activities. The goal of our sessional classes is getting our little ones comfortable in the dance studio, moving to the beat, and well on their way to loving dance!

We would love the opportunity to start your child in the exciting dance world, and get to share our LOVE of dance with them!

Please see the breakdown of our of 4-Week and 8-Week Sessional Classes, ages & descriptions below. Our sessional programs are all structured around half hour long, once a week dance classes that are the perfect introduction to dance for your little dancer.

All of our sessional dance classes, until the age of 3 are parented. There is no strict dress code for these classes, as we just ask the dancers and parents (if they are dancing) wear comfortable clothing that will allow them to move easily.

Baby Rhythm and Play (9-24 months) – Parented

This 30 minute class will include musical, rhythmical games and moving in a line around the room. These both help a child’s visual and spatial development. Singing the lyrics to a melody gives a sense of pitch and aids in language development. Moving to the directions of the songs helps with concepts such as left and right, up and down, backward and forward, and in and out. Both parent and child come in comfortable clothing, ready to dance and move for the whole class!

Little Stars (Age 2-3) – Parented

In this 30 minute class, we explore the realm of pretend through the medium of dance and music. A variety of tempos, dynamics and instrumentation create many different moods to encourage creative expression. This class introduces the very basics of rhythm, body movement, expression and is lots of FUN. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared for lots of up and down and on the ground fun!!! (We recommend two Little Star sessions and then a Shooting Star Session which is unparented. This class combo will be a great preparation for our amazing Pre-School Programs!)

Shooting Stars (Age 3-5) – Unparented Pre-school Prep Class

This class is a continuation of the Little Stars class and further introduces the basics of rhythm, body movement, and expression in a class that is un-parented and includes Ballet, Acro, and Creative Movement. This class is generally structured half ballet foundation, dance and music games, and half acro dance. This class will prepare your child for entry into the Preschool program. Your child is well on their way to LOVING both music and dance!!! Please have your child wear comfortable clothing or dancewear with a ballet slipper or gymnastic shoe.

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