Acro dance classes

Ages: 4+

About the class

With strength and flexibility being key elements to our acro dance classes, emphasis is placed on extensive conditioning, stretching as well as strength training. Acro dance allows dancers to safely learn acrobatic tricks in a way that allows the dancer to perform them on a stage floor.

Getting Started

Our Acro dance classes combine classical dance techniques with precision acrobatics and artistic gymnastics. Classes generally begin with a dynamic warm up, incorporate elements that focus on balancing, limbering and tumbling development while also working to build the dancers strength and flexibility. We would encourage anyone taking an acro class to also consider a ballet and/or jazz training class to increase their classical dance technique.

At Prestige, we follow the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus which begins in our pre-school dance classes at age 3 and 4 years and trains all the way to graduation with our 18 year olds! We are proud to say that all of our acro teachers are certified, in the levels they are teaching, through the Acrobatic Art Syllabus. Not only do we encourage our teachers to complete their syllabus certification but also actively pursue outside teachers to come to Prestige for workshops, as well as any additional training opportunities outside the studio.

Class Length

Acro dance classes range from 45 minutes to an hour and a half in length, they take place once a week and run from September to the end of the year in June where the class will participate in our year end recital. The year end recital is always a highlight of the year when the dancers growth and improvement is showcased on stage in such a special way!

The first half of the year in the acro classes will be spent training and working on specific acro skills while the second half of the year will be spent focusing on technique and the classes year end recital. Recital costumes will be ordered for the class in the winter and they will arrive mid spring.

Acro Dance Exams

We are thrilled to offer our acro dancers the opportunity to complete their Acrobatic Arts Dance Exams if they should choose. Acro exam candidates are selected by the teacher, they are not mandatory but are an amazing experience for the students. We believe exams are a very positive learning experience for our dancers.

Dance Exams allow dancers to set the goal of achieving a certain level/ set of steps and skills with a timeline. Our examination dates are generally set in September and the dancers have all year to work towards a certain level of the syllabus. On this examination date, we invite certified examiners to the studio to put our exam students through an exam class where the students will be graded and awarded based on the Acro Arts Marking Scale. Following the exam, the students will receive a grading, and feedback on their ability and performance in this exam.

Dancers find the exam process extremely rewarding and feel a lot of pride following the exam.

Dress Code

Specific dress code for our acro dance classes include; fitted clothing (bodysuit, shorts or leggings and a tank top or t-shirt). We ask that dancers taking this class wear their hair in a classical low bun or in two french braids.

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