Private dance lessons

About our private dance lessons

Prestige Dance Academy is proud to offer private dance lessons to interested students. Our esteemed and experienced faculty members organize and teach our private class programs offering one-on-one training to students interested in enhancing and supplementing their dance training with private training.

Private dance classes are beneficial for every dancer because they offer customized programming designed specifically to to suit the technical capabilities and body of the dancer in the class.

Through private programming, dancers will receive a customized training program supported by the one-on-one support and attention of their teacher. At Prestige Dance Academy we offer private dance lessons in almost every technical genre including: ballet, jazz, tap, acro, contemporary, hip-hop, and lyrical.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing private training this season:

Customized programming and growth tracking that suits the personal needs of the dancer

Private training is an outstanding option to help fast track your dancers technical training. Through their private classes students will receive one-on-one support and personalized programming options. Private training offers dancers the opportunity to quickly condition their body for optimal performance with exercise that suit their body and needs, often the can be accomplished in just a few sessions. Our experienced teachers will happily develop a program that specifically targets where your dancer can improve and offer them additional exercises that will benefit their training to practice at home.

Adaptable scheduling options

Private dance classes can accommodate challenging scheduling conflicts that can occur among regular training classes. There is flexibility within private training for both the dancers and families participating. Scheduling can be on a regular, weekly or bi-weekly basis or accomplished in blocks of time.

Opportunity for students and teachers to bond.

Private dance lessons promote connection between the student and teacher as students work one-on-one with a faculty member. Private lessons allow the teacher to provide their student with their undivided attention and give them personal feedback to promote their improvement.

Safe dancing environment for training technical skills

Students have the opportunity to dance “full out” in their private training lessons because they have access to a full studio. Additionally, training and dancing on the sprung dance floor of the dance studio will protect the dancer’s body and promote safe dance training.

Accelerated cross training and supplemental training option

Dancers will see almost immediate affects through their private training program because of the concentrated and targeted programming their teacher will be offering.

This year, Prestige Dance Academy is excited to be offering private dance classes both in-person and online through Zoom! Our goal is to provide safe and accessible training for all of our dancers.

Ready to get started?

We feel that there is nothing more beneficial than one-on-one individual dance training with an instructor. In a private dance lesson environment, you will be able to work with an instructor to tailor the lesson plans based on what your dancer is needing/requesting the private lesson to work on.

If this is your first booking with us please contact to discuss the best placement for your lesson!

" When we moved to Calgary we spent a lot of time looking into different dance companies before picking Prestige. In the end, we went with Prestige for a variety of reasons (but mostly because of strong recommendations and our first impressions of staff and approach). We stay at Prestige because my daughter loves every minute she spends there. The staff is amazing and they genuinely care about the kids. Even on occasions when my daughter is having a terrible day the teachers are able to turn it all around and she comes out with confidence and a big smile. "

Jennifer Jones- Parent

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