Private dance lessons

We are very excited to be offering private dance lessons with in all disciplines of dance that we offer at Prestige Dance Academy; Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Acro, Hip Hop, Lyrical/ Contemporary, & Strength and Conditioning.

Getting Started…

We feel that there is nothing more beneficial than one on one individual dance training with an instructor. In a private dance lesson environment, you will be able to work with an instructor to tailor the lesson plans based on what your dancer is needing/requesting the private lesson to work on.

If this is your first booking with us please contact to discuss the best placement for your lesson!

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“We believe that the more knowledge and experience our dance teachers have, the more they will be able to pass onto our students!”

Why choose Prestige Dance?

  • Our studio is built on a solid foundation of Core Values and a love for dance.
  • We foster a strong, warm, and welcoming environment filled with dedicated, passionate and certified staff.
  • Our classes follow specific syllabi with a strong focus on technical and innovative training!
  • We offer a wide range of dance programs including: Sessional, Recreational, and Competitive.

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