Lyrical / Contemporary dance classes in Calgary

Ages: 8+

About the Class

A very expressive movement type of class with a focus on classical technique and core strength. In lyrical and contemporary, dancers learn how to perform and express the emotion and mood in a piece of music through the art of dance.

Class Length & Info

Lyrical gives the dancer the opportunity to express their emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way. Lyrical dance classes are combo based classes where the class will work set steps and on a specific routine for a few classes in a row.

Lyrical dance classes are generally 45 minutes to an hour in length, they take place once a week and run from September to the end of the year in June where the class will participate in our year end recital. For the first half of the year, dancers will learn different combinations in class as well as classical and jazz technique. In the second half of the year, these classes will begin to learn their recital routine.

Recital & Costume Information

The year end recital is always a highlight of the year when the dancers growth and improvement is showcased on stage in such a special setting. The year end recital costumes will be ordered in December and the class will receive these mid spring prior to the show! We encourage our lyrical students to train in jazz and/or ballet as well, for additional technical training experience.

Dress Code

The dress code for our lyrical classes includes; comfortable clothing, a bodysuit and tights, shorts or leggings with a tank top or half top. We suggest that dancers taking this class wear their hair in a classical bun or ponytail to keep their hair pulled back.

" When we moved to Calgary we spent a lot of time looking into different dance companies before picking Prestige. In the end, we went with Prestige for a variety of reasons (but mostly because of strong recommendations and our first impressions of staff and approach). We stay at Prestige because my daughter loves every minute she spends there. The staff is amazing and they genuinely care about the kids. Even on occasions when my daughter is having a terrible day the teachers are able to turn it all around and she comes out with confidence and a big smile. "

Jennifer Jones- Parent

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