5 Incredible benefits of Acro dance

Benefits of Acro Dancing
Benefits of Acro Dancing

Acro dance is a combination of classical dance techniques with precision acrobatics and artistic gymnastics. At Prestige, our acro dance classes focus on conditioning and stretching for flexibility and strength training in a safe environment. Grace, athleticism, and balance are just a few words to describe this unique dance genre – it’s no wonder why this class is one of our most popular! Take a look at some of the benefits of acro dance that children of all ages can enjoy.

Builds muscle strength

While acro dance may look fluid and refined on stage, it takes incredible strength to execute these moves! Our dancers are prepped with strength training exercises and dynamic stretching that will activate their core muscles. Full-body strength is needed to perform the acrobatic elements and aerial moves in routines.

Over time, students slowly build their muscle strength in each acro class – often, without realizing it! This is especially beneficial for students who take on other dance styles or sports. We believe that introducing strength exercises, conditioning, and physical activity to children helps set them up for healthy habits and an active lifestyle.

Improves flexibility and mobility

As muscles grow and strength is increased, it’s important to keep our bodies flexible and mobile. One of the advantages of acro dance is that it increases flexibility while building strength. This allows dancers to maintain and improve their range of motion so they can execute acrobatic moves safely with minimal risk of injury. As dancers, flexibility is extremely important to prevent injuries, pain, and stiffness.

Increases confidence and self-esteem

At Prestige, when students learn difficult steps and master acro movements, we see their confidence boost and their excitement grow. Their eyes light up and they are more confident to learn another difficult move. Dance helps us overcome challenges and inspires us to believe that we can accomplish what we set our minds to.

Improves overall coordination

All types of dance styles can help improve coordination and balance in their own way. While tap teaches students rhythmic coordination and ballet training help improve precise muscle coordination, the acro dance takes an incredible amount of coordination with intricate routines. Movements like a handspring, chest stand, cartwheels, Valdez, and a front aerial, just to name a few, takes coordination and dedication to another level. Often, students don’t realize they’re improving their coordination while practicing these moves in a fun and safe environment.

Encourages consistency and dedication

You may have heard the expression “practice makes perfect”, but we believe that practice makes progress. Like all dance styles, acro movements need practice! We help our students build up their skills and give them a different challenge for each move they master. With each class, students learn the value of showing up consistently and being committed to small improvements over time. This is a skill they can apply to all areas of their life!