Leaping Back to Class

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Welcome back, Prestige families!

Taking a break to rest and grow is an important part of any athlete and artist’s repertoire, but leaping back into the studio for another exciting dance season puts pizzazz into all our steps. The joy and energy that courses through Prestige Dance Academy’s halls these first few weeks is infectious and sets the foundation for another fantastic season.

Passion for the art of dance is backed by its foundation. With this in mind, we want all dancers, returning and new to the studio, to start the year off right. Here are a few simple tips to chassé into class with confidence.


Give Yourself Some Grace

Whether it’s an introductory or an advanced class, it is totally normal for each class to have variations in current skill strengths. If you’ve grown over the summer, that triple pirouette may not feel as sturdy as it used to, or maybe the step away was the perfect brain break that makes your aerial finally click. Some friends may be more naturally flexible and some may naturally have more of an appetite for jumping, but each and every one of you will strengthen and grow throughout the season to really let your creativity and passion for dance shine. Allow yourself the grace to learn something new, reinforce the old, and put your best effort into every step. Allow yourself to get it wrong, and allow yourself to celebrate when you or your friends get it right.

It is normal for your teachers to bring you back to the basics at the beginning of the year to bring that muscle memory back, evaluate each dancer’s focus, and get your body back into the swing of things. If the steps are easy, show us through your attention to detail and energy. If the steps are difficult, show us your perseverance and ability to take correction.

New dancers, especially the little ones, may need a little time to adjust to the teachers, uniform, and their new friends—don’t fret! There is a lot of change and excitement at the beginning of the year and Prestige staff are here to support each dancer through this transition. Make sure those littles use the toilet before class, and stick around in the hallways while they get used to the new routine.


Occasionally some class shuffling is needed at the beginning of the year to make sure that students are challenged and working at the level and with the group that will benefit them the most, so rest easy in knowing that your teachers are keeping an eye out for this as well.



Get to Know the Studio & Staff

We encourage new dancers to come and take a peek at the studio before they start so they can feel comfortable when they walk through those doors on the first day. Since Prestige has such an incredible community, there are three separate locations that you can choose from, so be sure to know which location you are signed up at. 

Our staff bios are up at the studio, so take a few minutes to look through them and find out who your teacher is and who you can expect to see around the office. Please keep in mind that many teachers have their classes back-to-back, so we may have to dash into class before full parent introductions, but we love getting to know you, so make sure to come say hi when you can. If you have a dancer that takes a little time to warm up to new teachers, feel free to email us so we can set up a time to make them feel more comfortable.

Get Your Uniform Ahead of Time

The first day of class should be fun, not rushed! Make sure to check the Welcome Package to know what clothes and shoes to wear for your classes, then go to pick them up the week before. This ensures that you can get the sizes you need and can walk into class ready. Each location has a selection of bodysuits, tights, skirts, preschool to junior shoes, and Prestige team wear for sale, but we may be sold out of or unable to carry certain sizes. In Calgary there are also several locations such as Bodythings and Muge Dancewear that carry a wide range of sizes for all your dance needs.

If you are using your dance gear from last year, it’s time to check to see if it all still fits! Dance shoes should fit close to the foot with just a slight space so that they don’t pinch. Shoes that are too big or that can be grown into have a tendency to slip around on the foot and trip dancers. If you’re looking for secondhand shoes, or looking to sell your old ones, please email prestigeusedshoes@prestigedance.com

Have Fun and Meet New Friends!

The absolute most important part of these first few weeks back to dance is to have fun. Prestige Dance Academy exists off the principle of sharing the love of dance, and that is our top priority. We are more than pristine technique and innovative choreography—we are like family. Say hello in the halls, get to know your classmates, and come to express yourself.

Welcome back, dancers, and welcome home.