Summer Camps 2024

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We know these ups and downs in the weather have you planning your summer fun, so we are too!

Dancers don’t want to stop dancing just because there’s a vacation, so every year at Prestige, we host several fun-filled summer camps for dancers of all skill levels ages 2.5 – 13. This year, we have tons of fun camps like Willy Wonka, Pixar Pals,  Swiftie Superstars, and our Summer Intensive to bring new and fun challenges to our dancers. Now all you need is to convince your friends to join you as you beat the heat in the studio, so here are our top 3 reasons to love Prestige Dance Camps!

1)  It’s a Time to Try Something New

During the school year, it can be hard to find the time to do trial classes when you’re looking to add more dance styles to your repertoire. Summer camps are the perfect solution. Prestige has multidisciplinary camps to give you a taste of tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, musical theatre, and acro. After a week of sampling different dance styles, you’ll be ready to select your fall classes with confidence.

2) Keep Growing

We tend to notice just how much we have grown as dancers the most easily after we have a chance to go on stage for recital. With that growth comes the excitement to push ourselves to new heights and master our goals, making the summer break feel kind of . . . empty. Getting into the studio a few times during the break helps build on that momentum and prevents us from losing any strength and flexibility we gained this year.

3) Make New Friends

Dance camps allow us to dance with people who weren’t in our classes throughout the previous season.  When we aren’t rushing in from school and out to do homework, we are given the chance to really get to know our fellow dancers.

Whether you’re a new dancer nervous for your first class or a seasoned intensive dancer, we’ve got a place for you in the studio this summer. If you’re already planning for your vacation, you’re in luck! Until March 15, you can take advantage of our Early Bird Registration.

Here’s to happy, active kids who thrive.