We Are New (Happy New Year)

We are new

This new year, we are already new.

This past year has been unique, eye opening, and full of new obstacles. It has made us feel like our lives have been stripped down to the studs. Instead of the sturdy, busy, people-filled lives we had lived up until March, we have been faced with nothing but the framework.

We have been forced to rebuild our world.

At Prestige, tough times have never stopped us, and we aren’t about to let one year get the best of us. We persevere. This year we arrive with a new voraciousness for life and community and equality.

Each new year, we pay tribute to the strength, resilience, and compassion that we want to carry through into the next year. We make plans and set goals on how to grow. So much has shaken the world during 2020 that, without realizing it, we have already changed.

We had to separate for a time. We had to be out of the studio, and we’ve missed you all, but our community is stronger for it. With the distance we have seen friends lift each other up and support those who need it most. The efforts that you all have made to stay connected and stay dancing have shown us that nothing can bring you down, and we are stronger together. You pushed through and showed us your strength.

As dancers, the power of perseverance was ignited within us in our very first dance class.

Since then, it has blazed our path through these unique times. Our art is a beacon of our empathy, our emotions, and our resilience. After all this, our passion and dedication to our art is stronger than ever. Our schedules have changed. Our priorities have transformed. Our worldview has morphed.

Each day sheltered in safety taught us something new about who we are. Adapting and learning how to navigate a new world pushed us to new limits, yet we persevered.

Prestige is grateful to welcome its community into a new year with new possibilities and a return to the studio.

So, welcome to 2021, the year of hope.

A year of hope earned by perseverance, acceptance, and change. As with every year, homage is due to every part of us that has brought us to who we are today, but this year we also take a breath to admire our transformations.

This new year, we are already new. And we are so excited to see the wonders this newness will accomplish.