Foundation dance programs in Calgary


Pre-School  (Age 3/4)

An introduction to dance and music for every child focusing on body awareness and co­ordination. A combination of tap, ballet, tumbling and creative movement all in a fun and energetic 45 minute class.

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5 Year Combo Tap & Jazz

A fun introduction to Tap and Jazz in a creative and exciting 45 minute class.

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Pre Ballet (Age 5)

Introducing the love of Ballet in a structured but fun learning environment – 45 minute class.

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Tap/Jazz Combo (Age 6-9)

A fun introduction to Tap and Jazz in a creative and exciting 60 minute class.

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Tap (Age 6 and up)

Rhythm development, music awareness and development through a variety of technical elements are key components to our tap program.

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Jazz (Age 6 and up)

A very strong technical base combined with creativity, body and music awareness creates an energetic and fun class.

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Ballet (Age 6 and up)

Discipline and creativity are used in the ballet classes with emphasis on turn out, flexibility, musicality and strength. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance teaching program that originated in England and is taught world­wide.

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ACRO Dance (Age 5 and up)

With strength and flexibility being key elements to this class, emphasis is placed on extensive conditioning and stretching as well as strength training. Acro combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatics and artistic gymnastics.

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Ballroom Classes (Age 6 and up)

We are thrilled to be introducing a Ballroom Program at Prestige this season!
We have classes on the schedule for ages 6 – adult that will explore all styles of Ballroom to provide dancers with a well-rounded understanding & vocabulary of the Ballroom world!




Send us a message, or call: 403-873-7228

Class Format

Our programs run from September to June and we follow the ADAPT Syllabus in Tap and Jazz, The Royal Academy Of Dance Syllabus for Ballet and the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus for Acro.

All 10 month classes perform in year end show.