Performance dance programs

Performance programs at Prestige Dance Academy are for students who want to learn basic technical dance skills and stay active. Our performance classes are suited for students who love to move, are dedicated to learning, want to have fun and make new friends. Performance classes offer students the opportunity to pursue their love for dance without a large time commitment. Students do not need to have previous dance experience to enroll in our performance dance classes and can begin taking classes at any age.

Our performance program teaches students movement fundamentals and basic technique through fun, age appropriate activities. We use popular music and dance styles that engage and excite dancers to learn and explore movement. Learn more about the performance classes we offer below!

Hip Hop (Age 6 and up)

Our recreational hip-hop classes offer students a high energy, fun and exciting mix of popular hip hop styles and genres, such as funk and street dance, over the term of 10 months. In their hip-hop class students will learn about the history of hip hop dance, a variety of hip hop techniques and styles, and hip-hop combinations, all while listening to awesome hip hop music and making new friends. Dancers will showcase their growth and hip-hop skills with a performance at our year end recital in June.

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Lyrical (Age 8 and up)

Lyrical is an expressive form of dance that utilizes classical techniques to form and tell a story through movement. Our recreational lyrical classes will teach students technical skills and encourage them to express themselves through improvised movement. Students will listen carefully to music and learn how to express and emote to tell a story associated with the music they are performing too. Dancers will showcase their growth and lyrical skills with a performance at our year end recital in June.

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Contemporary (Age 10 and up)

This interpretive, explorative, and creative dance form will teach dancers contemporary dance skills and encourage them to explore their creativity in a safe, positive and comfortable environment. Dancers will spend the year learning skills and combinations, and will complete the year with a performance in the year end recital.

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Open Mix (Jazz/Lyrical/Modern) (Age 10 and up)

This class combines a variety of popular dance disciplines into one weekly class. This class will offer older children the opportunity to try out different styles of dance and explore a variety of different movement. This mix class will teach students performance skills, classical technique and core strength. Dancers will have an opportunity to showcase their skills at their year-end performance.

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Class Format

Our programs run from September to June and we follow the ADAPT Syllabus in Tap and Jazz, The Royal Academy Of Dance Syllabus for Ballet and the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus for Acro.

All 10 month classes perform in year end show.