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learn to dance during COVID
We Won’t Give Up

Yes, this is hard. There’s nothing we want more than to have rooms full of hugs and smiles, but we know the only way to make it back to that is to take... read more

Benefits of Dance Class for Children
The benefits of dance classes for children

While many parents enrol their children in dance classes for the fun, high-energy activity it provides, the benefits of dance classes reach far beyond the physical aspect. We help set your child up... read more

Choosing a Dance Studio
Choosing A Dance Studio

You’ve decided to learn to dance—congratulations! You’re excited to have a creative outlet, to join a community, and to increase your strength, flexibility, and musical awareness. But now that you’ve opened up Google,... read more

Importance of Dance Education
A Well-Rounded Dance Education

Dance calls for balance, and this is why dancers are known for their adaptability. They need to be strong yet flexible. Sharp and smooth. Emotional and critical. At Prestige, we pride ourselves in... read more

What to Expect in Your First Jazz Class
What to expect in your first Jazz class!

Jazz is an upbeat and technical form of dance that balances choreographic creativity with technical strength. Our jazz dance classes are energetic and focus on musical and body awareness. Our studio, in Calgary,... read more

Thank You from Prestige
To Prestige’s Incredible Community: Thank you

Here at Prestige, we've always been thankful for our community, but this past month has only increased our awe of you. Your ability to adapt. Your strength. Your positivity, and your vulnerability. You... read more