Dancing into the New Season 2022 – 2023

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As the summer sun fades, a new dance season signals the beginning of fall fun. Perhaps it’s your very first time donning your ballet shoes, or maybe it’s your final season before graduation, but one thing is always true: We can’t wait to have you back in the studio with us. At Prestige Dance Academy, the past twenty years have made us well accustomed to the flurry of energy that these first weeks back bring, and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible. Here is one of several places that you’ll find what you need to know for the 2022 – 2023 dance season.

 When do we start, and where do we go?

For our 21st season, the first day of fall classes begins on September 12, 2022. Prestige Dance Academy offers dance classes at three locations in Calgary: Auburn Bay Station (South Location), Glenbrook Plaza (West Location), and Fairmont Drive (ITC Location). After you register, you should receive a confirmation of the day of the week, start time, location, and room number for your class. If you have yet to receive this confirmation, please reach out to our staff who will be happy to help you find where you need to be before the first class.

What do we need to bring?

Each dancer received a welcome package when they registered, and that welcome package includes the dress code for each age and dance discipline. Our dress code is also listed on our website, www.prestigedance.com  where you click on the sidebar, choose “Dance Classes,” then select the class you wish to register in. If you’re trying a class before registering or haven’t had the chance to get the appropriate attire, it’s important that you wear comfortable, fitted, flexible clothing that won’t tear or fall off. If you don’t have the recommended footwear yet, it’s best to wear bare feet or clean indoor runners, depending on the style of dance you are in. Bare feet is preferred over socks or tights because the fabric tends to slip unless they are curated specifically for dance.

Beyond that, we suggest you bring a water bottle for class (no juice in the classroom, please!), nut-free snacks for between classes (if you have more than one class on one day), and of course, your fantastic self.

Where can we buy dance attire?

Each studio carries a certain range of basic bodysuits, tights, ballet skirts, dance shoes, and Prestige swag. If we do not carry the size or style that you need, there are several dance stores in Calgary such as Bodythings Dancewear and City Dancewear. These dance stores have excellent staff that are trained to fit your shoes and find the right dress codes as well as your dance teachers. If you’re looking for used shoes, email prestigeusedshoes@gmail.com. 

What if we want to try something new?

If you’re new to dance altogether, or have returned with a desire to try a new style of dance this year, why not try a Trial class? For only $15+GST/class, come and try a class to see if it piques your interest. Our mission is to help dancers find their love of dance, and that often emerges in various styles and evolves over time.

Can parents watch?

We absolutely love it when parents come to watch their dancers. At the same time, these first weeks come with a lot of noise in the halls and some shy dancers, so the answer depends on the class and the day. Often, for the little ones, we start with the door open as they get comfortable with the space and being away from their caregivers while the new teenagers beg for us to close the door, but this also largely depends on the students themselves as well. If the hallways are too loud, we will also close the door so that the dancers can hear the teachers and focus on finding their joy, or if someone is there to support and celebrate their dancer, we may keep the door open.

What if the class feels too hard or too easy?

No problem! Often the first few weeks of classes involve reviewing basics and testing dancer levels. Your teachers are watching each dancer closely to make sure that they are in the right level, and they’ll let you know if they think a different class would be a better fit. If you’re not sure, you can always ask your teacher.

Is it too late to register?

Prestige Dance Academy is one of the few studios in Calgary that offers dance class registration year-round. Of course, the sooner you register, the better, since many of our classes have already filled and we want to ensure each dancer has an opportunity to order a costume for our year-end recital, but we are happy to find you the perfect class throughout the school year. Classes are pro-rated to reflect the dancer’s start date, as long as they are planned in advance of their start time. 

How long is each session?

Each dancer has different needs and abilities, so we offer various session options: 4-week sessionals, 8-week sessionals, 10-month performance program, 6-month performance programs, and more. 

My question isn’t listed here . . .

Our staff would love to help you out with any further questions if you can’t find them here, on our website, or in your welcome package. Give us a call or email us at misslindsay@prestigedance.com .


Welcome back, dancers. We’ve missed you!