A Well-Rounded Dance Education

Importance of Dance Education
Prestige Dance Academy

Dance calls for balance, and this is why dancers are known for their adaptability. They need to be strong yet flexible. Sharp and smooth. Emotional and critical. At Prestige, we pride ourselves in providing training that encourages dancers to be well-rounded both in and out of the studio. 

It is all too easy to fixate on one area of our lives or our training and go all out on just that. Sure, we could advance in that one area, but we could also plateau, injure ourselves, or fall behind in other areas. Dancers that do not train both sides of their body or over-exert one muscle group or don’t stretch to counteract the “flex,” are prone to injuries. Dancers that only train their body and forget to take care of their mental health can fall behind due to anxiety or mental blocks. When we look at growth—true, lasting growth—we know that it comes from the person as a whole, not an isolated event or training regime.

Every dancer has their strengths that we encourage them to develop, but we also each have our areas that need a little more attention and love. At Prestige, we always encourage and celebrate our dancer’s strengths and “weaknesses.” Around each corner is another opportunity to either grow our skills or grow our confidence. When we push past our comfort zones, we can find our passions and expand upon them. Here, we teach that things may get hard, or be hard at first, but that nothing is impossible. With knowledge and practice, we can achieve our goals. Growth is one thing that we can strive for throughout our lives, and we want that habit to begin early in life. This is one of many reasons that we have created the Fine Arts Academy.

Prestige dance academy offers

In the Fine Arts Academy, we mix the joy of dance with yoga, fitness, music, art, and drama.  These classes give your dancers time to explore the same concepts we cover in dance in different mediums with different focuses. During these classes, we work on coordination, fine motor skills, coping mechanisms, and understanding our emotions and bodies. 


Nothing is a better teacher for our young ones than play, and where there is laughter, there is learning. In our Fine Arts Academy, we have created a space for exploration, play, and skill strengthening in a fun two-hour class for our littles. With all that has happened in this past year, we find it more important than ever to help our children express themselves and learn a growth mindset in a safe environment. Our rigorous, hospital-grade cleaning regime and our virtual options can set your minds at ease while giving our young ones the connection that they crave.

We will not let our guard down, but we can all work to build our community back up. Us dancers are used to striving for balance, so we know that we work through these challenges to come out the other side more well-rounded. Strong and flexible. Sharp and smooth. Emotional and critical. 

These times are difficult, and that is how we know this is our opportunity to grow.



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