Choosing A Dance Studio

Choosing a Dance Studio
Choosing a Dance Studio

You’ve decided to learn to dance—congratulations! You’re excited to have a creative outlet, to join a community, and to increase your strength, flexibility, and musical awareness. But now that you’ve opened up Google, you’re overwhelmed. There are tons of dance studios in Calgary. How do you choose?

Before you pick a random name out of a hat, know that not all studios are created the same. While classes and policies may be similar, most dance studios offer different opportunities, programs, and experiences that suit different interests. The dance studio that you choose will make a lasting impact on your life—not just your dance experience.


A studio’s environment is what makes the most significant difference in a student’s experience. When you walk into a studio for the first time, your first impressions are important. Is the dance studio clean and professional? Are the administrative staff friendly and welcoming? Do you get the energy of a positive and fun environment? Are the teachers attentive and do they genuinely care about their students?

At Prestige, we pride ourselves on our cleanliness, and our COVID-19 precautions exceed the guidelines given by the province to keep our community safe. Prestige’s focus is to provide a nurturing environment that promotes the love of dance and an interactive community.

Experienced Teachers

Quality dance education comes from passionate, experienced teachers who provide both a caring and challenging environment for students to grow in. A dance studio’s faculty and staff are there to provide an enjoyable experience for students and families.

Browse through teacher bios to read about their training, qualifications, and years active in the industry. Reading online reviews and speaking to other dance families about their experience is one of the best ways to find the best dance studio in Calgary.

At Prestige, our faculty members are chosen with care. Our ADAPT, RAD, and Acrobatic Arts certified teachers stay up to date with current trends, best practices, and professional development. Here, each teacher has a unique dance history that can be read on our website, but above all, they were chosen for their kind, passionate, and innovative spirits.


Each dancer looks for something different in their dance experience. Some dancers want to compete internationally, and some simply look to make friends while being active. Some dancers eat, sleep, and breathe dance, and others don’t want to go more than once a week. Do you want to focus on one style, strengthen your performance skills, or go into a competitive division? When choosing a dance studio in Calgary, we recommend getting familiar with the programs that a studio offers.

Prestige offers dancers of all ages the opportunity to grow within our studio. Passionate dancers benefit from our Intensive program which allows them to focus on skill and performance development. Recreational programs enable students to pursue their love for dance in a fun environment where they are provided with the same high-calibre instruction with a more relaxed schedule. Our dancers range from first-time toddlers, first-time adults, all the way to internationally recognized champions.

Dance Styles

Most studios offer a wide range of dance styles, such as acro, ballet, jazz, and tap. If you’re interested in a particular style, narrow your search down to a studio that is well-versed and highly recommended in that style.

At Prestige, we believe in encouraging a well-rounded dance education. Each dance style has something different to offer, but they also all feed off each other. We offer tap, jazz, ballet, acro, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, Fine Arts, and ballroom classes for all ages. If you’re not sure which style is best for you, trial classes are available.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, reach out, take trial classes, and take your time. The dance studio you choose becomes a second family where lifelong friendships are born.