Prestige: Defined

Help From Dad with my dance

Prestige Defined
reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, rank, or other favourable attributes.

Yes. We know our name comes with a lot of expectations, so how do we live up to it?
What makes Prestige so…prestigious?

You! Yes, you: our dancers, our parents, our community.

We See Your Potential:

When we welcome each and every one of you into our halls we see your potential. We see one more piece to “the village” we want to raise our children in. We see integrity, teamwork, passion, ingenuity, and a drive for excellence. We know you won’t settle for less, so neither will we.

Help From Dad with my danceMore Than Just Dance:

You, our Prestige community, are the reason we wake up every day and think, I love my job. It’s you that inspires us to push ourselves to the limits, and collaborate with one another to fuel that fire that shows our dancers every reason to love the art of dance.

Each of our teachers know, that you come to us for so much more than just a dance class; you come to us to form rock-solid friendships, and to teach strength and flexibility of the mind and character. You come to us to express yourselves, to free yourselves from the stress of the day-to-day and to find comfort in something that challenges your mind, body, and soul.

The Dancing Speaks For Itself:

When anyone asks me “What do you love about Prestige?” I never bring up the actual dance program. In my opinion, the dancing speaks for itself… Unparalleled, sincere, and masterful. Instead, I answer by commending the inclusive community that Prestige has managed to foster. It has always been more than dance.

Denise Chu
Calgary, AB

Many Different Backgrounds:

Our teachers come from many different backgrounds so that we can give dancers a well-rounded dance education. We make sure that our teachers are keeping current with the best practices and new styles. Here at Prestige, we know that we have committed ourselves to always keep learning.

We want to do things the right way—not the easy way—so we are constantly updating our practices to better serve you. We are always here to listen, and we make sure to follow through when you have ideas to make the studio run more smoothly. Through this, we have expanded our office hours, begun to sell dancewear, and updated our social media practices. It is now easier than ever to be “in the know,” since we make sure that all the important (and fun!) information is posted on Facebook and Instagram—so go give us a follow.

You’re The Reason:

You are the reason we are constantly looking for ways to connect to and give back to the community. From the simple things like Café and Play to help parents of small children find time to connect with others over a free cup of coffee to our various donation collections for those in need—we find ways to share some of the love that you have given us over the past 17 years.

It’s The Entire Experience:

It is the entire experience that our family has loved from their wee one’s classes when our kids were first starting out, to their extensive recreational and intensive programs. In 17 years Prestige has developed their programs to suit their clients. They are not afraid to change to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the students and bottom line… they care about our kids.

Calgary, AB

So, with our 2018/2019 season in full swing, we just wanted to let you know that we are so happy you’re here.

Thank you for being you!