The Exam and Intensive Programs

Prestige Dance - Intensive Dance Program

At Prestige Dance Academy, every dancer is getting the best training that we can offer. Innovation runs through our veins and we are constantly thinking of ways to challenge and motivate dancers as they undertake the journey towards their goals.

Highly Credited Certification

Many of our staff have at least one certification accreditation; in addition to their lifelong experience in the dance world. These teaching certifications—whether it is RAD ballet, ADAPT tap and jazz, or Acrobatic Arts—are internationally recognized programs that provide standardization for proper dance instruction. Our teachers incorporate these specific syllabi into all of their classes. This ensures that our dancers are performing at a level that is similar to their peers internationally; while keeping their training safe and effective.

Taking Dance Training To The Next Level

Sometimes dancers want an extra push to take this training to the next level. In these cases, examinations in these syllabi are the next step. These exams give dancers a concrete goal, something to work towards and get excited about. Students hear feedback from examiners that are considered to be dance masters and receive a score based on their knowledge and performance. Challenging and inspiring, completing these exams is a nationally recognized achievement.

Our examination program

Our examination program is open to all who wish to participate in the extra training, though they do require the prior approval of a certified instructor. With the added commitment of the exams, dancers need to be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared in order to participate. The teacher’s assessment is required so that we can ensure that the examination process is a positive experience for every dancer involved. We often find that the dancers that have the determination to practice and perfect the material needed for exams also have the passion that drives them to yet another level: our Intensive Program…

Our Intensive Program:

The Intensive Program, simply put, is our competitive program. Here at Prestige Dance, we strongly believe that life is about the journey, not the destination; we adore the competitions and thrive at them, but the intensity that justly names our program comes through the training, the practicing, and the preparation. This is why we don’t call it a “competitive” program—it’s about so much more than the competitions.

Annual Auditions

Once a year, we audition dancers for a place in the Intensive Program, we want those that are passionate, focused, and determined to learn and improve. Intensive dancers train more often with set deadlines and shared goals, which makes their mindset extremely important.

Promoting Growth

Through this program, teachers have even more opportunities to promote a growth mindset which challenges our students to persevere and work towards their goals safely. Our approach and preparation require dancers to dedicate themselves to their health—mentally and physically—in all areas of their lives. We coach them how to take care of their bodies in order to function optimally. Sharing our calm and our excitement helps dancers work through their self-doubts and nervousness.

In order to be the best dancers that they can be. All our students need to love and take care of themselves, our Intensive Program will teach them to how. Beyond the strength, technique, growth, and dedication, being an intensive dancer is exhilarating. Dancers have the opportunity to perform multiple times a year, grow friendships, meet new people,
travel, and continually surrounded by inspiration. Sportsmanship comes front and centre while dancers learn to encourage one another, to learn from one another, and how to both win and lose gracefully. They thrive from the challenge and learn a unique sense of self-discipline that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Work Ethic

This work ethic that develops through participation in the exams and the Intensive Program is astounding. It doesn’t stop with dance. Dancers take that focus, drive, and growth mindset into all aspects of their lives and flourish. Whether it is at school, home, or work, these qualities help dancers show the world the strong, capable, and successful people that we know they are.

Tell us your dance destination then hold on tight—your journey awaits.

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