Showing Love Is Important For Our Dance Studio

Prestige Dance Studio

As we head into February, the We Are walls have been taken down, but the words written on them have stayed with us.
These words are who we are, and who we want to be all year long—not just when the roses, and cinnamon hearts are crowding every storefront window. These words are so much more than a sound from our lips or a few letters strewn together on a page.
They are, instead, the result of the power of movement. The power of action. One look, one smile, one itty bitty gesture can make the world of a difference. At Prestige Dance Academy we are experts in showing you how we feel when words won’t suffice.

You know. You’ve seen us dance.

Every action, every small movement that we take in our day-to-day lives, can be geared toward showing love. Not the romantic-grand-gesture sort of love, but the calm, daily sort of love we share with friends and family.
We don’t believe that it should just be saved for Valentine’s day, because, truth be told, love is every day. Love slogs through the mundane, through the highs and the lows, and the in-betweens.
So, with “the season of love” surrounding us, how can we use the power of our actions to show the regular, every-day love?

For this, we turn to you, and draw inspiration from the words you used during the We Are project.

Values our dance studio believes in

Be loving: Don’t be afraid to give a friend a hug when they need one. Smile to someone who has been having a bad day, and listen without judgement.

Be caring: Ask about someone’s day and really listen. When you see them later, follow up with how they are feeling to show them that they matter to you, and you’ve been thinking about them.

Be kind: Offer help when someone is struggling. Even holding a door open can brighten someone’s day.

Be forgiving: We are all human, so try not to get frustrated when someone makes a mistake. Let them learn from it, and move on.

Be supportive: We are all learning. Lift each other up with your words, and support one another in your efforts.

Be generous: With your time, your smiles, and your energy.

And do it all expecting nothing in return. Do it all in the hopes of making someone’s day a little brighter.

Us dancers are an active bunch. Sometimes we may be a little awkward or clumsy with words, but if we have the opportunity to show you what we mean through our actions, the message will be clear.
We love dance, and we love our dance community. Because, with all the time we spend with each other, with the love, the laughter, and the tears, this isn’t just a dance studio. We are more than pointed toes and first place ribbons. We are . . . Family.

We are Prestige.