Turning Dreams into Action

Turning Dreams into Action

High calibre dance isn’t something that happens by chance. As dancers, we are experts in taking something that seems unattainable and breaking it down into small, manageable progressions that make the seemingly impossible begin to feel like the natural next step.

It’s just what we do.

Prestige Dance Academy prides itself on being a catalyst for many dreams and aspirations—whether it’s making a new friend, doing a turning switch split, or performing on stage for hundreds of people—our amazing community motivates, challenges, and inspires each other every day. But dreams are part of all of us, in all areas of our lives. They come in all shapes and sizes. Dreams can be exhilarating, motivating, and all-consuming.

They can also be daunting.

Sometimes, when we let our imaginations run wild, our dreams can seem so much bigger than us. Unattainable. Impossible.

Well, Prestige is not the type of studio that sits around and wishes for things to happen, or that gives up when the going gets tough. Instead, we focus on turning our dreams into goals, breaking them down into simple, manageable progressions, and acting upon them. We do this for ourselves, and we work hard to foster a community that does the same.


Because we care about each one of our dancers and families, and that care extends far beyond our walls—far beyond dance. Dance is simply the best way that we can show that we are here for you. We know that the happiness and dreams of one, a single person can impact many others, and we want to encourage each of you to pursue your aspirations to create a better world.

If you don’t think that’s possible, look at us.

This studio was founded with a singular, intangible dream: to share the love of dance. That dream has expanded and taken on a life of its own, but every day we work—in small, manageable progressions—to keep that dream in motion.

It started with Miss Amanda finding a space and a couple of students. Now we have a massive staff, equally passionate about our studio’s dream, three locations, and an amazing community built around it.

And it all started with one person’s dream.

Each one of us works tirelessly to foster a growth mindset in all our dancers. If at first, we don’t achieve our version of success, we take it as a learning opportunity, rather than a failure. But “failure” is okay too. It’s normal, expected, and an important part of the process.

Prestige Team

Not only that, failing is actually an excellent tool for dancers. It is the analysis of what didn’t work that brings us where we want to go. We find love in what we do through the little difficulties in our plan. We find our passion for our dreams through the work that we put into it.

Turning dreams into actions doesn’t mean that your dreams will magically come true. It is hard work, and it takes time. There may be setbacks, upsets, doubts, or even some things that may feel like a failure. Your dreams may even change throughout the process. In fact, through your actions, you often find that your passion leads you down new and unexpected paths that you couldn’t have even dreamed were possible beforehand.

Dreams are one of those slippery things to grasp, but we won’t let that deter us. We will take our dreams, turn them into tangible goals, and take action. And we want to help our community do the same. It’s just what we do.

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