Welcome Home!

Summer Dance Camp

Welcome, dancers new and old, to Prestige Dance Academy’s Fall 2019 dance season!

Here at Prestige, this summer was full of dance camps, fun community events, and of course, planning for our new programs and our new ITC location. We enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted, but we’ve missed seeing our dance community every week, and we are so excited to show you what’s in store this season.

Summer Dance Camp

The first week of classes is busy. If you are new, it may come with some—totally normal—uneasiness. The best way that we have found to help settle those nerves is to be prepared. We do all that we can to make sure each dancer knows what to expect on the first day through our website, emails, registration documents, and social media posts. In fact, we love to prepare dancers for a successful season so much that our owners—Amanda Hunsley and Lisette Stein—wrote a short and sweet picture book for our preschool dancers to prepare for their first day. From remembering what you need for your first day of class to learning how to spot a new friend, this book is the perfect addition to any little dancer’s bookshelf. For the exciting launch of our studio’s first ever book, our first-time preschool dancers have received their very own copy in the mail. Don’t worry, if you’re a seasoned dancer who would like your own copy, these books are also for sale in the office.

So, what should you expect when you come to the studio for your first day of classes?

The first thing that we would like you to remember is to take off your shoes at the front door and to place them on the shelves we’ve provided. Dancers have their special shoes, but they also spend a lot of time on the floor, which isn’t very fun when that floor is covered in mud or sand. The studio strives to keep a clean and healthy atmosphere for all dancers, so we ask everyone who enters our halls to remove their shoes.

Next, double-check your teacher’s name and your room number. On the day that you start, you will receive an email that states which room each teacher is in, at what times. The room number or letter is posted right outside each studio, so as long as you’ve opted-in for our emails, it’s “easy peasy.”

After that, make sure that you’ve used the washroom, and that you’re dressed in the assigned dress code {CLICK HERE to view our 2019/2020 dress code}, and the teacher will take the lead from there. Don’t worry if there are a few kinks along the way; we’re just glad to have you there with us. First days are always the busiest, so please don’t hesitate to ask any of our staff if you need help.

Summer Dance Camp 2

Of course, our book isn’t all that’s exciting this season for our dancers. This season also brings new classes, new Prestige swag, and a few extra surprises for our Prestige families. Everything that we’ve planned will strengthen our dance community and start this year off with a bang!

Welcome home. We can’t wait to share our LOVE of dance with you. Wishing you all a wonderful 2019/2020 dance season ahead.