We put you first

Prestige Dance Studio Signage

That’s why, at the beginning of March, our studio closed its doors for in-studio classes before mandated to do so. At the time, we didn’t know that the schools would close the following week. We didn’t know that was the end of our season. All we knew was that there was a risk to your health and safety, and that was all we needed to know before taking action.

But we also realized that such a drastic change could be painful in other ways for our dancers. In all the challenges we have faced in the past, we have always been able to face them hand-in-hand, but this time we were forced into isolation. Such a sudden drop in exercise affects the body and mind, so we quickly did the best we could to bring dance to you in your homes. Our faculty have shed tears with you and has missed you because you are a part of our family too. Just like the rest of the world, we’ve been trying to figure this out one day at a time.
We proceeded with caution then, and we continue to do so now.

The mental and physical preparation that we teach our dancers goes beyond the dance moves. We don’t simply “talk the talk”; we put these practices to use in our everyday operations. We’re always thinking ahead, minimizing risks, and keeping up to date with the best practices and recommendations. You can trust that we are constantly putting you first.

There is fear. There is uncertainty. Yet we are still optimistic. We will not be broken.

In the midst of a pandemic, no one is really sure how to proceed. We are looking at a time where normalcy and safety don’t mesh the way they used to. It feels as though we are in a constant battle of fighting for our children’s physical health versus their mental health. It no longer feels like they can coexist. Everything has changed. But fear does not rule us, it teaches us. Our innovation continues and drives us to embrace the changes and look for where we will become stronger because of it. We are striving to bring back some normalcy to the community without taking unnecessary risks, and we are here to support you where we can.

We support your choices and want to give you options that suit your level of comfort.

In-studio classes have been reintroduced with extra precautions. It’s been like a breath of fresh air for our community. The stress relief that comes from dancing has been working wonders, but we haven’t let our guard down. We will remain vigilant. We have the advantage of controlling our class sizes and being able to reopen slowly. We will continue to offer private lessons, virtual lessons, and pre-recorded lessons. We continue to advance our options and improve wherever we can. Adapting to our community’s needs has always been our strong suit. Our students’ safety and mental health has always been at the forefront of our minds.

Our faculty will always work to maintain both simultaneously.

As always, we are excited to unite and rise above our situation. Hand-in-hand, two metres apart, or connected by nothing but our internet, we are not alone. During this unprecedented time, we stand with you and for you, and we will always put you first. So join us—in class or virtually—and let’s proceed with caution and optimism to make our “new normal” better than ever before.