Let’s Stay Active!

Summer friends beach dance

After another amazing season filled with phenomenal dancers, it’s here. It’s summer. Once again we have been blown away by the growth, comradery, and joy that our 2018-2019 season brought us. On top of being incredibly proud of all of you, we are also ecstatic to trade our boots and jackets for flip flops and t-shirts. Changing up our routine is a good thing. It’s important. When you take a step back and let yourself breathe, often things that were difficult suddenly seem to click into place, and dance is not an exception to this phenomenon.

Here’s the thing though: We know passion doesn’t just disappear because you don’t have homework to do. The numerous benefits of dance don’t stop just because the beaches are open. That looming itch to move to the beat will follow you. It’s a part of you. And you don’t have to stuff it deep down for two months out of the year just because you don’t have dance class.

We’d be disappointed if you did

All year long, you have been working hard on getting stronger, more flexible, and more in-tune with your body. Resting, and taking a step back is important, but it’s also important to stay active throughout the summer—to stay healthy, and to keep that forward momentum. Dance can easily fit itself into your holiday life, as much as you want it to. Certain simple exercises can even make your holidays even more enjoyable.

Spring and summer mean big growth spurts. Tight muscles around growing bones mean pain and a decreased range of motion which leads to weakness. Which means less summer fun. Luckily for you, you know exactly how to combat tight muscles: Stretch!

Your summer stretches may feel a bit different than they did during the dance season, so make sure you take it easy and listen to your body. Make sure your muscles are warmed up before you start, and only push to where you feel the pull—not pain—and then hold it and breathe. The more consistent you are with your stretches, the easier they will be.

Of course, we know nothing compares to the rhythm and drive that comes with a dance class. Part of the joy in dance comes from seeing friends, learning fresh new moves, and being held accountable in your efforts.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

This year we’ve added in a variety of dance camps throughout the summer at both the West and South locations. We have half-day and full-day recreational dance camps that explore a variety of dance styles. Come build new friendships, make crafts, learn some new dance moves, and keep you out of Calgary’s summer weather. Add in our various Intensive camps, and you will find yourself primed to start the Fall 2019 season with a bang.

The staff here at Prestige Dance Academy wishes you a very happy summer vacation—we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for next year.