Prestige Intensive Training Center (ITC)

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Innovation: (noun)

1) The introduction of something new.
2)A new idea, method, or device.

Merriam-Webster 2019

When something works it can often become routine. When it becomes routine, it can become comfortable. Once it’s comfortable, change can be difficult—scary even. But we all know that change is good. Change is necessary.

Here at Prestige Dance Academy, we strive to give our dancers—and dance community—the best. To do that, we know we can’t let ourselves get too comfortable. We strive to be innovative so that we can constantly introduce new methods to help our dancers get exactly what they need. It’s not always easy, but with our amazing team, and the phenomenal feedback that we get from our community, we constantly find room for growth.

The biggest obstacle that we have faced so far is time and space. Juggling classrooms, and trying to squeeze in more classes for the dancers that want them in, while also providing a schedule that allows dancers time to rest and recover.

As you can imagine, this isn’t the easiest obstacle to tackle. Indeed, we have tried many different solutions and found ourselves still wanting more. Until now.

We are ecstatic as we bring our solution to life: a brand new, state-of-the-art Intensive Training Center on the corner of Fairmont  Drive and Glenmore Trail.

Our Intensive Dance Program has been growing exponentially, and one common trait of an intensive dancer is that they are constantly at the studio. They are hungry for as many classes as they can get their hands on, which often means that we find them eating dinner, hanging out, and doing homework in the hallways.

The Intensive Training Center is our innovative solution to give everyone more of what they love. ITC is fully equipped for the dancers that stay at the studio for hours on end. We’ve designed a kitchen area where they can eat, store, and heat it to their food. There are designated homework areas and wifi so that dancer can comfortably keep up with their assignments on their breaks. To top all of that off, the ITC has three large studios to accommodate our advanced training and choreography needs.

With these spaces, we can open up more recreational classes at both our West and South locations while also creating a schedule that allows for more days off for the intensive dancers. We also now have space at ITC to offer more daytime sessional, parented and unparented classes to our younger dancers.  To sum it up, we can offer more to everyone.

This fall, we invite you to join us at our exciting ITC open house, so give us a follow on social media to watch our updates on its exciting development. In the meantime, make sure to check out the fabulous selection of classes we have added to our South and West locations to share our love of dance.