The Benefits of Choosing of Private Dance Training During COVID-19

Private Dance Training

The past few months have been challenging for many families and businesses, our world was turned upside down with the announcement of our provincial state of emergency and lockdown protocols and our business was forced to close overnight. For many of our dancers, the studio is their second home and closing just weeks prior to our competitive season was devastating for many of us.

However, we are resilient, our dancers are resilient and we quickly transformed our class delivery so it could be accessed remotely. Luckily, Calgary is recovering now and we are in the process of reopening with the announcement of Phase 2. Prestige Dance Academy is so excited to beginning classes again and kicking off our summer camps, adhering to all of the Alberta Health protocols set in place.

However, if you are a dancer or a parent of a dancer who would like to see your students training supplemented with private dance lessons, then we would be happy to discuss what we can offer you.

Private dance classes are going to be highly beneficial over the summer to recondition and safely train the body to prepare dancers for the upcoming season. Through our private training program, our teachers will develop a dancer specific training program for your dancer and provide them with their full one on one support and attention. Here are what we see as the top five benefits of private training with Prestige Dance Academy this summer.

1. Safe dancing environment

Private classes are the safest training option for dancers while we are in the process of transitioning. Private classes allow dancers to have access to the entire studio space, allowing them to perform “full out” and train on a safe sprung dance floor.

2. Personalized programming and growth tracking

Private training is an excellent way to fast track your dancers’ training, with one on one support and personalized programming options, your dancer can quickly condition their body for optimal performance in just a few sessions. Our teachers will happily develop a program that specifically targets where your dancer can grow and offer them supplemental exercises to practice at home.

3. Meets your schedule’s needs

There is a lot of flexibility in private training. We are happy to work around your schedule, practicing at a time that suits your family’s work and personal needs.

4. Genre specific training options

Another benefit of private training is your dancer can choose or we can advise you on the techniques that should be focused on in your private training classes. From ballet to hip hop, we can accommodate your needs, with fine attention to detail in the growth and technical advancement of your dancer.

5. Bonding experience

After training from home for months, private training is an excellent way for your dancer to receive the in-person support, connection and encouragement from their teachers they have been missing. Private training is an amazing way to boost morale and spark motivation and passion.