Summer Dance Camps are a Great Way to Keep Your Child Active and Engaged

Summer Dance Camp

The school year (and homeschooling) has finally wrapped up and we are really looking forward to some nice weather, family time and local travel this summer. As our city continues to re-open and people slowly transition back to working in their offices this summer, many parents are now exploring safe, active and engaging day and week camps to enroll their children in.

It is remarkable to see how many children’s camps and activities have accommodated to our “new normal” following the necessary safety protocols while also ensuring that the kids are participating in engaging and social activities. We are so excited to be amongst these businesses re-opening and offering a wide variety of summer dance camps.

This summer we will be offering day camps at all three of our studio locations, in addition to some virtual class/camp options. All of our in-person camps have been modified to exceed the precautions outlined by Alberta’s chief medical officer of health. We are adhering to consistent health checks for students and staff, physical distancing, contactless sign in & out, hygiene practices, and studio cleaning and sanitization.

Here are our top 5 reasons why dance camps are the ideal day/week camp to send your kids to this summer!

1. Dance camps are active!

Does your kiddo love to move and groove? Enrolling your child in a summer dance camp is the perfect activity to engage your child’s mind and body, helping them burn off excess energy with games and activities that are fun and challenging!

2. Dance camps are creative and artistic!

Dance camps encourage kids to explore their creative side with lots of creative dance games and activities, and opportunities for imaginary play. Additionally, some of our camps even offer arts and crafts!

3. Dance camps are play-based!

Young children will have a blast stretching their imagination as they engage with familiar themes like Under the Sea, Disney, The Incredibles, Frozen and other fun, familiar themes.

4. Dance camps are a great way for kids to safely socialize!

The past few months have been challenging for all of us, but especially for kids; social interaction is integral to their development. Dance camp activities will encourage kids to laugh and play with their peers while staying safely socially distanced.

5. Dance camps are fun!

Above everything else, dance camps are a ton of fun! Participants will get to move and groove to fun music, play exciting games, participate in creative activities and engage with peers their age.