The Springtime HUSTLE

We are artists

Competition season is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year for our dance studio. Our students worked hard all year to prepare for our local competitions and festivals and we are incredibly proud of their success this season.

From the teacher’s perspective, there is something so special, almost magical, about watching your students’ hard work and dedication come to life on stage. After hours in the dance studio rehearsing and perfecting their technique, they get to go up on that stage and just shine. It is about teamwork, dedication, and organization. It may be a mere few minutes spent in the spotlight, but to our dancers and to our studio, it means the world.

A big Thank You to our community

As we reflect on the commotion of the competition season, we must recognize our incredible team of parents, or superheroes. From shuttling your students to and from the studio and competitions, making sure that hair, makeup and costumes are always perfect, and to assist us in building props- all of this would not have been possible without you. We love and are truly thankful for our incredible Prestige Dance team and community.

As the competition season winds down and we transition into our recital season, the pace does not slow. This time of year is filled with energy in our studios as costumes come in and the final rehearsals take place for our year-end show.

The recital is our year-end performance where both our regular division dancers and intensive dancers get a whole evening to showcase their hard work from this past year. This will be the very first recital for some of our tiny pre-school dancers and the last for a few of our graduates. It is a remarkable showcase of all of our student’s hard work and we are beyond excited to share all of their talents with our prestige dance community. Tickets are on sale now!

Summer dance camps are the perfect way to stay on top of your technical training

Want to keep dancing with us throughout the summer?! Be sure to check out some of the fun and exciting summer programs we are offering on our website. We have both summer dance camps and summer dance intensives being offered at both our Auburn Bay and Glenbrook locations. Summer training is the perfect way to stay on top of your technical training, exercise, meet new friends and have fun!

Finally, a friendly reminder that registration for our 2019/2020 season opened up on May, 2nd 2019. You can access this registration through your online account and follow the easy step by step directions to register for the classes suitable for your dancer. Remember, space is limited and that classes fill up fast.

Curious or interested in trying new classes next year, but still have questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to our studio directors or staff on more information about our programming. A reminder that to secure your spot for next year’s dance season you will pay your first and last month fees upon registration. These fees are non-refundable.