The Prestige Team

We have large faculty of highly experienced, accredited and esteemed staff here at Prestige Dance Academy. We are passionate about providing the best possible training for the dancers at our studio and we believe that that starts with incredible teachers. Our widely talented staff have a multitude of backgrounds in all forms of dance and provide our students with well-rounded comprehensive training in all genres of dance. Most of our staff holds a long teaching history with our faculty and we are proud of their dedication to the growth of our studio.

Our dance educators are continually pursuing professional development and teacher training to stay up to date with new techniques and trends being offered in the dance industry. Did you know that you will find many of our teachers at all three of our dance studio campuses?


Miss Amanda Hunsley

Miss Amanda is the Business Director of Prestige Dance Academy. She founded Prestige Dance Academy in 2002 because she loved dance and had a passion to share her love of dance with her... read more


Miss Lisette Stein

Miss Lisette, an ADAPT and Acrobatic Arts certified dance educator, is the co-owner and Artistic Director of Prestige Dance Academy. She is well known for her insightful, innovative, and masterful choreography which has... read more


Miss Jen McGowan

Miss Jen is the Co-Director of the Intensive Dance Program at Prestige Dance Academy Inc. Miss Jen has an extensive dance background in classical ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical /contemporary, hip hop, and musical... read more


Miss Laura Klatzel

Miss Laura began her dance training in Calgary at the age of eight and went on to compete in tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, lyrical, hip hop, and musical theatre. She successfully completed her... read more


Miss Gemma Smith

Miss Gemma Smith has Registered Teacher Status with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD RTS) and is an Associate member (ARAD) having achieved her Advanced 2 through the Royal Academy of Dance, London,... read more


Miss Lindsay Oehlerking

Miss Lindsay began her dance training in Lacombe, Alberta, studying various disciplines including jazz, tap, ballet, musical theatre, hip hop, acro, and contemporary, before moving to Calgary to further her dance education.  In... read more

Team 7

Miss Heather Columbus

Miss Heather has an extensive dance background in ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, tap, and acro. She has been studying under the RAD for the past two years and is excited to... read more

Team 8

Miss Jody Rose

Miss Jody’s journey began in Taber, Alberta with a love for gymnastics. She competed in gymnastics for 10 years and became a certified coach at age 14. She coached gymnastics for 12 years... read more

Team 9

Miss Ginny Rose

Miss Ginny began dancing with Prestige Dance Academy at the age of thirteen and has studied many styles of dance, her favourite of which was ballet. She participated in several RAD ballet exams... read more

Sarah Dolan

Miss Sarah Dolan

Miss Sarah Dolan is the Founder and has been the Artistic Director of O2 the Dance Company, since it began in 2010. Her commitment to the art provides a critical framework under which... read more

Team 10

Miss Tatum Fraser

Miss Tatum grew up dancing in Calgary from a young age. She has trained in styles such as tap, jazz, classical ballet, lyrical, and musical theatre. She has successfully completed her ADAPT Intermediate... read more

Miss Kalie

Miss Kalie Morberg

Miss Kalie is originally from northern Manitoba and began her dance training at just three years old. She has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, and more. This is... read more

Team 11

Miss Rachel Wolfson

Miss Rachel is from Calgary born and raised. She graduated from St. Mary’s high school and is currently in her first year of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. Miss Rachel aspires to... read more

Team 12

Mr. Kurtis Grimaldi

Mr. Kurtis began his ballet training at the age of 18 at the Oakville School of Classical Ballet (OSCB). After a year of training at OSCB, Kurtis received a full scholarship to attend... read more

Edgar Reyes

Mr. Edgar Reyes

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Mr. Edgar has traveled internationally working with such choreographers as Luther Brown, Sabrina Matthews, and Mia Michaels. He has performed for artists such a Keisha Chante, Eva Avila, and... read more

Brianne Viznaugh

Miss Brianne Viznaugh

Miss Brianne has been a part of the Prestige family for the past five years. She participated in the STEP and Teacher Apprentice program where she had the opportunity to work alongside her... read more

Team 13

Miss Shaelene Standing

Miss Shae transitioned from being a competitive artistic gymnast to a competitive dancer at a young age and has trained in a large variety of dance styles. In the past few years, she... read more

Martin and Diana Lefebvre

Diana & Martin Lefebvre

Martin, a native of Montreal, started dancing at the age of nine and competed extensively in both Ballroom and Latin. His amateur accolades include: Two time Quebec Latin Champion, two time Canadian Latin... read more


Miss Ema Nikolic

Miss Ema is excited to join the Prestige staff this year. This will be her 5th year in the Prestige Intensive program, and her 7th year with Prestige overall. Miss Ema loves all... read more


Miss Josie Colbourne

At the age of 3 years old I was put in my first ballet class in Calgary and never looked back. I added jazz, tap, lyrical, hiphop, musical theatre, contemporary and pointe and... read more


Miss CJ Sapad

Miss CJ started dancing when she was just two years old at Generation Dance Studio in Fort McMurray, Alberta. She has competed all over North America and on international waters. She performed in... read more


Miss Kayley Jalali

Miss Kayley has studied various forms of dance including Highland, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Musical theatre. Her true love has always been ballet. She competed in many competitions across all four prairie... read more


Miss Madi Murphy

Miss Madi is entering her fifth year of being a member of the Prestige community. She has been dancing since the age of four and competing since the age of six! She participated... read more


Miss Ava Huber

Miss Ava has been dancing at Prestige Dance Academy for 8 years and has been a part of the Intensive Program for 7 years. In addition to this, she has also been a... read more


Miss Maya Savi

Miss Maya is a former dancer and returning employee of Prestige. She has trained in ballet, tap, jazz and acro and is a certified ADAPT and Acrobatic Arts teacher. Miss Maya is thrilled... read more

Miss Sydney Slauko

Miss Sydney is so excited to be joining the Prestige Dane Academy staff this season. She has spent the past nine years dancing at Prestige as part of the Intensive program as well... read more


Miss Savannah Helper

Miss Savannah has been a part of Prestige Dance Academy for four years, and this will be her fifth. As well as being a dancer in the Intensive program, Miss Savannah has been... read more

Miss Harlee Crisp

Miss Harlee has been a part of the Prestige Dance Academy Family for over 10 years. She has grown up within the studios and halls of Prestige. Miss Harlee is currently a student... read more

Jenna Martin

Miss Jenna Martin

Miss Jenna has been a part of the Prestige Dance Academy family for the past five years. During her time at Prestige, Miss Jenna has taken part in the Intensive Program along with... read more


Miss Laine Bernard

Miss Laine was born and raised in Calgary Alberta and currently attends Ernest Manning High school as a grade 12 student. This is Miss Laine’s first year at Prestige as a dance educator.... read more


Miss Claire Weisgerber

Miss Claire was born in Calgary and has lived here all her life. She has a passion for mountains and enjoys hiking up them as well as skiing down them. She started dancing... read more

Miss Gabby Gaudet

Miss Gabby Gaudet

Miss Gabby attended Prestige Dance Academy during her final year of high school and is starting her third year as a member of the Prestige Faculty. Miss Gabby has been dancing since the... read more


Mr Paul Otterbein

Paul is an internationally known hip-hop Choreographer, originally from BC but has resided in Alberta (Edmonton for the past 4 years) working with DTA Tigers Academy and now lives in Calgary. Paul loves... read more


Miss Tammy Smith

Miss Tammy is looking forward to working with the students in the Fine Arts Academy as the Lead Teacher at the South location. Miss Tammy danced from the age of three until her... read more


Miss Jamie Eddy

Miss Jamie is excited to share her enthusiasm for learning with the students in the Fine Arts Academy as the Lead Teacher at the West location. A born and raised Calgarian, Miss Jamie... read more


Miss Amy Brightwell

Miss Amy has spent the last 18 years dancing locally here in Calgary, Alberta. She has had the pleasure of training in a variety of different styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, and... read more

Team 28

Miss Daniela Erewa

Miss Daniela Erewa was born and raised in the beautiful city of Monterrey, Mexico. Where she began her passion for dance at a very young age. Her beginnings in dance were established in... read more

Team 29

Miss Andrea Tarbay

Miss Andrea has had a passion for dance since the beginning at three years old. Training and competing in various styles with a focus in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and lyrical she trained at... read more

Team 30

Miss Jasmine Goulet

Miss Jasmine began her dancing career in her hometown of Banff, AB at the age of four. She began training in ballet and quickly expanded into other disciplines including jazz, modern, contemporary, lyrical,... read more

Team 31

Miss Kaya Morris

Miss Kaya grew up in Okotoks and first started out as a soccer player. Miss Kaya's interest in dance peaked when she would watch the next step show on repeat at home, that's... read more

Team 32

Miss Abby Wennberg

Miss Abby is thrilled to be joining the Prestige staff this season. Having spent four years as part of the Prestige Intensive program, Miss Abby has gained extensive experience in many genres of... read more

Team 33

Miss Breanne Catolico

Miss Breanne was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She started dancing when she was 7 years old. She has trained in jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre, acro, and... read more

Team 34

Miss Tali Glazer

Miss Tali is a former Prestige student who has trained in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre, and acrobatics. In addition to competing in these disciplines, Miss Tali has completed... read more